The Importance Of Choosing A New York Plastic Surgeon Who Is Qualified

The Importance Of Choosing A New York Plastic Surgeon Who Is Qualified

Choosing a New York plastic surgeon is serious business, and it should be looked at as such. I know that if you are about to go through a procedure or are thinking about it that you probably have your doubts. These doubts can be easily put to rest though when you know you have chosen a New York plastic surgeon that meets these criteria.

They are board certified

If you do not choose a New York plastic surgeon who is board certified then you might be putting yourself in jeopardy. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is a credible agency that shows a particular New York plastic surgeon has undergone extensive specialized training in the field.

This training means that they posses superior knowledge and they have a lot of experience. A plastic surgeon that is board certified also shows a strong commitment to what they do.

Has performed various procedures

You will not feel comfortable going through any plastic surgery procedure if you do not trust that the doctor performing it has not performed it before. You want to make sure that the New York plastic surgeon you choose has performed any given procedure enough times for you to feel assured with what they are about to perform on you.

The primary reason why previous experience is important is because you want to see that the surgeon has had some time to master their techniques and work out any kinks they might need to.

Has adequate assistance to help

Choosing a good New York plastic surgeon is about more then simply making sure they are qualified to do the work. It is also about making sure whatever staff will be assisting in a given procedure are qualified as well. In this case you will want to know who the support team is, and what their qualification are. Amongst some of the important questions you need to ask regarding this would be questions like, who will be administering the anesthesia?

You will want to know is there emergency staff available in case something goes wrong. You will want to know where the procedure is going to take place; such as will it be performed in a training hospital. You will also want to know will there be medical students or other people looking on as it is performed.

Knowing where the procedure will be performed

Lastly, knowing where the procedure is going to be performed is very important when it comes to choosing a New York plastic surgeon that you can feel comfortable with. Not all procedures can be performed in the same place. Some plastic surgery procedures you get will be performed in a hospital because they are of a very serious nature and will need to be monitored. Then you have some procedures that will be performed in an outpatient ambulatory center.

These are usually going to be surgeries that are minor and do not need to be monitored heavily. There are even procedures that will be performed as simple in office procedures. A lot of this is going to depend on several factors, such as the seriousness of the procedure you are having performed. Health issues that might be specific to you in certain cases will also have to be taken into consideration.

A good New York plastic surgeon will look carefully into these things and determine the best place for a surgery to take place. In most cases a hospital might be the option you want the most, even though this option will be more expensive.

Asking questions

It may also be a good idea if you go in to have a personal consultation first so you can get a good feel for the New York plastic you will decide to go with. You can do this over the phone, but you cannot get the same feel for the person as you would up close and personal. Seeing as how this person might be performing such serious procedures on you, you definitely want to make sure you feel comfortable with them.

It is also important that you ask all the questions you need during this face-to-face meeting in order to cure many of the fears you might be having. Think of this time as a reassurance time, where you can ask what you want so you can feel better about the process. A qualified plastic surgeon should be more then happy to answer your questions, and then run down the entire process for the procedure you are planning on having done.

Plastic surgery is a life changing procedure that I am sure you have chosen for the right reasons. You want to put yourself in the hands of a New York plastic surgeon who knows what they are doing, has the proper experience, and will be able to reassure you so you can get over your doubts about what you are about to do.

Dr. Andrew Klapper
New York plastic surgeon
A native New Yorker, Dr. Klapper graduated medical school with awards in Anatomy and Medical Science. He returned to train in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery at NYU Medical Center home of the world-renowned Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. While there he was quickly recognized as a skilled surgeon, a creative thinker and a problem solver that thought outside the box.

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