The Game Of Chess Interests Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas is a family oriented person and has strong family values. He has a close bond with his family and he ensures that he spends quality time with them. He shares a special connection with each of his family members who are settled in different parts of the world including Western Europe, Australia and India. There are around 100 members in his family. Also, Harry Coumnas is a humble person and he strongly believes in charity. He is an active participant for charity programs and welfare causes. He is always ready to provide help to the poor and the needy people.

Being an animal lover, Harry Coumnas has six pet animals at his place. His pets include 3 cats and 3 dogs. He possesses strong social values and holds on to them under all circumstances. Harry Coumnas does not consume alcohol and sticks to this rule even when his friends make fun of him for this reason. He does not take drugs of any kind. He believes that after consuming such things, a normal person behaves in a stupid manner. He is strongly against them. He also follows all the rules and laws that are laid down by the government. He is of the belief that the rules and laws have been framed by the government for the welfare of the citizens. Therefore, he thinks that it is the prime duty of the citizens to abide by them and he does the same.

Harry Coumnas keep himself fit and healthy by involving himself in games and sports. He is quiet fond of playing basketball and has been a part of one of the best basketball teams in New York City, the Knicks basketball team. He has also the winner of several wrestling championships at college level. He likes adventure sports like sky diving, camping and hitch hiking. Chess interests him a lot and he plays pool too. In his free time, he reads love stories and watch HBO channel.

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