The Figure Out Of the Bathroom Window

That day, she was last one to go home after work, when she went to take a bath in the bathroom of factory, it had been empty. She twisted the faucet, and started to wash.


At this point, she suddenly found the windows above the bathroom was opened, a figure was flashed by. She screamed, and instinctively used towels to wrap the body. She was peeping; she was filled with the sense of humiliation. She tossed to wear the clothes, and unwittingly rode her bicycle. Returned home, her husband with a same unit had gone to night work. Since then, she became depressed. To the unit, she would be nervous, and to see male colleagues, she would think whether he was the offender?


Later, she was insomnia, the whole night she thought that figure flashing by window. And it developed that no matter it was day or night, she must pull all the curtains in order to feel at ease. Her changes were found by her husband. One night, her husband gently hugged her and asked: “What happened in the end? Tell me, shall we share together?” she hid in his arms, said sadly: “If I say, do not blame me.” Her husband was surprised and looked at her. Then she told her husband the whole things.


Her husband stayed here, and said fiercely: “If I know who he is, I will kill him.” After a while, the husband suddenly asked: “When did it happen?” She said that day. The husband got up to take the calendar of the bed, turned over page after page, and then racking his brain, said: “My God, that person should be me!” She was surprised and said: “How could be you?” The husband said: “I clearly remember that day I arrived in the workshop, the director let me twist of a value outside the bathroom. I did not know there was person inside.” She suddenly sat up and said: “Really?” The husband said: “I cannot cheat you.” She giggled, and wiped out the demons from the heart.


Later, it turned to her husband was insomnia. One day at work, her husband sealed that window with a piece of metal. Others do not know why that is, only she knew. And another secret that she will never know: that day her husband did not go to wring the water valve.


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