The Factors Are Apt to Cause Allergy in the summer

Some seemingly healthy food may cause allergic reactions for some people in the mouth. Usually when these people bite the juicy peach, melon, apples, celery or some other fresh fruits and vegetables, their mouth lips will feel tingling.


Those people who have grass allergy encounter the following situation may also be caused allergies. It is because fruits and vegetables containing similar proteins have interaction with flowers and trees containing the pollen which can cause allergic reactions. The simple solution is not to eat these foods. If you want to eat, you must endure short-term but rarely fatal pain response.


If these symptoms are really annoying, you had better go to the allergist to confirm that hateful pollen, and to develop a corresponding treatment plan. However, suddenly weather changes like the suddenly hot and humid, and suddenly it has cold breeze, all of this is likely to trigger asthma. In addition, the pollen and molds in the spread of wind may cause adverse effects of plants and trees pollen and mold allergies.


Allergy specialist is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies and asthma, no matter how bad the season and temperature, they can develop an asthma treatment plan, to avoid the occurrence of these diseases. If while you are drinking marshmallows beverage, while you are appearing asthma at the campfire gathering, all is not so fun. The smoke is the common factors that trigger asthma. Therefore, you should stand upwind area of the smoking and do not leave the bonfire too close, so you can be effective in preventing asthma attacks.


In addition, if you are bit by small wasps, bees, wasps, hornets and fire ants and other insects, it seems not painful, but it is very likely to cause fatal allergic reactions. Therefore, when you take care of the garden or work outdoor, you should pay attention to doing good protection, do not wear brightly colored clothes, and do not use perfume, as well as do not drink the sweet drinks. Because these are likely to attract stinging insects, and in particular you should be careful to the soda bottle which is opened the mouth. At this time, the doctor will propose you to carry some of the adrenal hormones, so that it can be good for emergency treatment after people are slashed, and do skin testing to identify what the insect is.


Therefore, when you walk in the outdoor, you should pay attention to the above issues.


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