The Effectiveness of Learning by Mail

With so many opportunities available to supplement a child’s education, perhaps the least known option is learning by mail. Mail programs allow students to get tutoring in math and English without leaving the house. The material is delivered directly to their doorsteps. The benefits of these programs are academically worthwhile and financially accessible.

One of the best benefits of learning through a mail program is the ability to learn from the comfort of home. Mail programs are designed to tutor students in math and English without the need of direct instruction from a classroom teacher. The packets are constructed so that students are able to teach new concepts to themselves, or with the help of a parent. This allows them to learn the material at their own pace. Parents can meet the individual learning needs of their children and explain the material in their students preferred learning style. If a student finds him or herself frustrated with a specific problem or concept, he or she has the freedom of taking a break and returning to the material at any time.

Mail programs are also convenient and can be more economically friendly. Since the material is delivered directly to the student’s home, there are no transit costs. With gas prices sky rocketing, some students in search of supplemental learning cannot afford multiple days of English or math tutoring. Having material delivered through the mail eliminates the need to travel in bad weather, rush hour traffic, and it also reduces mileage being tacked on the car.

The convenience of being tutored at home through a mail program allows students to complete work while avoiding schedule conflicts. Children are still able to have soccer practice, private music lessons, and English or math tutoring through the mail without having to give up one or the other. The material is also available at any time, and students can pick up exactly where they left off after taking a short break. They can also take the material with them wherever they go. Since there is no need to use the computer or the internet to access the material, this supplemental system of education is perfect for busy, on-the-go families.

MathWizard is a tutoring facility with English and Math Learning Center locations in Ohio, New Jersey, and Illinois. We also have a Mail Program which services the continental United States and Canada.

Amanda Ahlstrom graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Bowling Green State University. He currently develops material and teaches as an English and math tutor at MathWizard.

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