The Early Period of Chinese bronze

The Early Period of Chinese bronze
China has a long and brilliant history of bronze. In recent years, handed down and found that a large number of bronze, bronze itself has a complete evolution of the system. The china bronze has a timeless historical value and artistic value. Since the Xia, Shang, Chou Qin and Han bronzes throughout history, some can be divided into thirteen: the summer period for the Erlitou, Shang and Western Zhou, the Spring and Autumn each for early, middle and late three, divided into early and Warring States in late Phase II. Qin, Han bronzes history for the afterglow.

First, the Bronze and the Bronze Age origins dating: Erlitou period 1900 – 1600 years ago

Let’s look at the bronze in the Erlitou period first. Erlitou period named in Henan Yanshi Erlitou cultural sites to explore. Erlitou site found in layers between the four cultural level, to explore the tombs and palace ruins. Currently two small bronzes found inside, some small tools and weapons vector Zu and Ge, Qi, etc., but found a bronze ritual Jazz, Jazz, although less than the entire number ten, but the history is extremely important in the casting. From casting simple weapons, tools to casting container, is a leap in technology. Ancient Chinese ritual bronzeaccounted the main posititon. Bronze Age bronze ritual is the main sign. Erlitou in the discovery of chinese bronze ritual. That has entered history with the ancient Bronze Age Chinese characteristics.

bronze of the early Shang Dynasty 16th century BC – before the mid-15th century

The next is the bronze in the early Shang Dynasty. Gang culture equivalent of business two years period. Zhengzhou Mall rammed determination of carbon in the charcoal 14 years of BC In 1620, the exact period of the Shang Tang Liguo, but two in the gang culture of the lower limit is not quite clear. Two in the gang remains of two storeys, the lower the difference does not belong to the Bronze style, but lower than the upper class has more development. The foundry industry of bronze in the Han Dynasty differed in nature form the bronze sculptures in the peak of Shang. Early Shang Dynasty bronzes unearthed in Zhengzhou, and this is due to the early Shang Dynasty in Zhengzhou Mall is the so Rhyme. There are two important in the Gang, White Village, Zhang Zhainan Street, Yangzhuang, South Gate, the Ming Gong Road, 2796 Road and other places of burial or cache. The iron farm implements, tools, weapons in the Western and Eastern Han Dynasties filled in the china bronze sculpture in the same kin by degrees. Generally located in the mall’s south and southeast. In the northeast and west of the city, but also buried bronze cemetery. Found in northern Henan Province early Shang Dynasty more than bronze. Huangpi Panlongcheng in Hubei, Anhui, Kerry Hill Park Gang, Wu Qingjiang city in Jiangxi and other places are also important findings. These sites and tombs found in the early Shang Dynasty bronze, with two in the top of the majority Gang.

The types of the unearthed bronze sculpture in Shang are: Ding, ding big, generous Ding, Ge, earthenware vessel, BU, Gui, Jazz, Jazz pipe flow, Gu, jade cup with ears, jar, beam lifting pots, gourd-shaped beam lifting the pot, the column plate, plate etc., including Ning food, wine and water, etc. categories. Earlier bronze is relatively simple. But the Jazz, goblets, jade cup with ears of a combination of wine, has generally emerged. Two in the shape of bronze upper Gang more development, Shang bronze ritual system has taken shape. Lower in the Gang are two bronze, the walls generally thin, two bronze in the top of the Gang, the wall had some quite heavy.

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