The Drive and Ambition to Become a Successful Commercial Printer

This is the story about how one man with the strong drive and the ambition veered away from just being an employee in a commercial printing company to becoming a very successful commercial printer himself. At present, he now has a big operation with several machines and he owns the commercial building that their office occupies. And he did it because of his determination to succeed and of course, with the help of his family.

Tony, not his real name, had just graduated from college armed with a Commerce degree. But because there were not really a lot of places to work back then, he tried his luck in a printing press where he was hired to be a proofreader. He was paid the minimum wage and he underwent the usual training and probationary periods before he was hired as a full-time employee.

But while he was still in training, his immediate boss, which was the printing supervisor, kept moving him around and assigning him to different posts. He gladly did them all, thinking that he is benefiting from all the experience. He is learning fast and to his supervisor’s surprise, he never complained. He has started to like working in a printing and he is learning how everything works, from the time when the client comes in until the delivery of the finished products.

What the management did not know was that, Tony did not dream of working in a printing press all his life. Instead, he dreamed of owning one and running it himself. But since he did not have enough money and expertise yet, he is working in order to get trained and also save up some money to start a small business.

And since he had a goal of becoming an entrepreneur someday, Tony did not waste his income by splurging in gadgets, fashion, and other things. Instead, he focused his efforts on saving money. He worked harder than everyone else, staying late in the office whenever overtime work is needed because that would mean extra pay. And he saved up whatever he could and putting his savings in a time deposit so that it will have bigger interest. That would also mean that he could not easily take it out because he does not want to pre-terminate his deposit.

After about five years of working in the same company, he was eventually promoted to become the head of the printing department because his former boss retired. He was highly recommended by his predecessor and had the qualifications so the management hired him as print supervisor at a young age of 26. And he managed the people who had been working there for more than 20 years. With his new position, he learned more things, especially in managing people and workloads as well as scheduling the printing to maximize the working hours of the people.

When he left the company on his eighth year, he had enough knowledge to run his very own commercial printing company. Using his separation pay, savings, and a loan from his mother, he was able to buy his first one-color commercial printer. And that was just the start of his successful endeavor. Now he has a color separation machine, high-resolution scanner, a two-color machine, and four-color offset printer. He employs many people, some of which were his former officemates.

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