The directing length of green laser pointer

In 1962, the first human use of laser irradiation the moon, the moon’s distance from the Earth about 38 million km, but the laser spot at the lunar surface less than two kilometers. If condenser works well, seemingly parallel light beam searchlight shooting the moon, according to its spot diameter will cover the entire moon. (B) Before the invention of the laser high brightness, high-voltage pulse in the artificial light source xenon lamp brightness maximum, comparable with the brightness of the sun, while the ruby laser laser light, xenon lamp can exceed several hundred billion times.  green laser pointer    is an equipment regarding laser as direction.Because the laser is extremely bright, they were able to illuminate distant objects. Ruby laser beam emitted illumination produced on the moon is about 0.02 lux (light intensity units), the color red, visible laser spot. If the most powerful searchlight with power moon light, the illumination produced only about a trillionth of Lux, the human eye can not detect. The main reason is the high brightness of laser light directed. A large number of photons concentrated in a very small space within the injection, the natural high energy density. (C) a very pure light color from the color of the light wavelength (or frequency) decision. A certain wavelength corresponding to the certain color. Wavelength distribution of sunlight in the range of about 0.76 microns to 0.4 microns, the corresponding color from red to purple, 7 colors, so the color of sunlight alone. The directing length of    200mW green Laser Pointer    is very long.Single-color light emission as monochromatic light source that emits a single wavelength of light. Such as krypton lights, helium lights, neon, hydrogen lights are monochromatic light sources, only a certain color of light emission. Although monochromatic single wavelength light source, but there is still a certain distribution. If only transmit red neon, color is very good, known as the highest monochromatic wavelength range of the distribution is still 0.00001 nm, so the neon red light, if carefully identified dozens of red still contains . Thus, the optical radiation of wavelength range of the more narrow distribution, the better the color. Output of the laser light, the wavelength distribution is very narrow, so very pure color. The output of red helium-neon laser, for example, the wavelength of the light distribution can be narrow to 2 × 10 ^ -9 nm krypton lamp emits a red light wavelength distribution of the two ten thousandths. If you change different laser heads of the   50mW blue violet laser pointer   you might get light spot in different shapes.Thus, the laser is far more than any kind of monochromatic monochromatic light source. In addition, there are other characteristics of the laser: coherent and good. Laser frequency, vibration direction, phase high degree of consistency, the laser light waves overlap in space, the overlap of light intensity distribution of the strength and stability will be white phenomenon. This phenomenon is called interference of light, so the laser is coherent light. The ordinary light source emit light, the frequency, vibration direction, phase inconsistencies, called non-coherent light. Flash time can be very short. Due to technical reasons, ordinary flash light source can not be a very short time, camera with flash, flash is a thousandth of a second time around.The education area now is unable to do without    100mW green laser pointer  . Pulsed laser flash time is very short, up to 6 femtoseconds (1 femtosecond is equal to 1,000 trillionth of a second). Flash of light in a very short time to production, research and military have important uses.
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