The different types of Manga: Know everything!

The different types of Manga

For many people, a Manga is a Manga. This is however a mistake! Because yes, as in classic literature, there are different types of Manga. When we talk about novels, stories in rose water or even thrillers and dramatic genres in literature, there are Japanese terms that qualify Manga according to various specific criteria.

On this page, we invite you to discover the main types of Manga as well as the terms associated with them. You will see that the universe of Japanese comics is much richer and more complex than what you could have imagined until then, as a neophyte. And this learning will also allow you to discover what type of Manga is made for you… Or not!

The different types of Manga: Shonen

It is by far the best known and most democratized type of Manga in the West. If we talk about “Dragon Ball”, “One Piece” or even “Naruto”, you most certainly know. All these works belong to the Shonen genre. Translatable from Japanese to French as “Adolescent”. These are Manga that are generally aimed at young boys.

Nowadays, the phenomenon has of course passed this stage and many adults love this style. It is by far the most prolific genre of manga. We usually discover the story of a weak or innocent basic character. But by dint of training and pugnacity, he will become more and more powerful. He will also meet other protagonists throughout the adventure with whom he will befriend. Until they become true members of his family.

The Shonen genre is generally very dynamic, with lots of action and epic fights! Superpowers too! If you didn’t know until then that there are different types of Manga, then you have already come to know the first, and the most common!

The Seinen genus

The Seinen is another genre of Manga, but this time much darker in general. It is generally aimed more at a young adult male audience. There is little, if any, superpower at all. Among the different types of Manga, this one is more mature and often gives way to a deeper plot.

The terms discussed in the Seinen are often mysterious, even esoteric. In the most famous Seinen works, we find Berserk, Akira or even Black Lagoon via Tokyo Ghoul. It is a genre that opposes Josei, which we will discover just below…

The Josei

The Josei est is the opposite of the masculine Seinen that we have just exposed above. It therefore targets young women. In this kind of Manga, more attention is paid to the relationships between the protagonists and their emotions in a context considered more mature.

If you are a reader of the romantic genre at heart, then this kind of Manga that could be put in the category “rose water” in classic literature could please you. Among the most famous Josei, we find Nana, Paradise Kiss or works such as Kids on the Slope and Kamakura Diary.

Fancy a moment of escape in a romantic universe full of compassion? Then this is the Manga style for you! You are starting to know a little more about the different types of Manga… But it’s not over!

The Shojo in the different types of Manga

Another genre that is addressed with more predilection to the female sex. In Manga of the Shojo type, we follow the adventures and the development of the feelings of the different characters of the work. It can be romantic feelings, but also friendship, quite simply.

Very close to Josei, there are countless sagas like Fruits Basket which have brought tears of emotion to readers all over the world… Fragile hearts refrain, unless you are one of the people who likes to finish in tears at the end of a very… Sentimental story!

Erotic Manga Styles… And Others!

There are many other types of Manga. Although we have talked about the most popular and popular above. We find in particular the more erotic Manga which is aimed at adult audiences such as Yuri or Yaoi, on which we are not going to expand further on this page. If you already master the 4 types of Manga that we have exposed to you above, then you are at the top of the basket!

What if you went from reader to creator?

Now that you know the different types of Manga, why not start creating your own story?… Develop a scenario and draw your own Japanese comic strip! Know that even if you are not very good at it, there are tools today, including books of very good quality and very educational to help you get started in the creation of Manga…

Learn how to draw your favorite heroes step by step… And why not create your own protagonists! You can find on Amazon in particular very well made and very affordable books to learn how to draw Manga… Ideal for creative minds or to make an original gift to a fan of the genre! So let yourself be tempted and let the artist in you speak!

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