The Difference Between CDMA Iphone And WCDMA Iphone

The author is professional on -online replica Breitling Emergency and publishes reviews on the topic for a few years. Pay a visit to - to find out the author’s recommended selection.In 11 January 2011, American operators Verizon held a press conference to officially release CDMA network version of the Apple iPhone 4 in New York. Many users become to focus on what is the difference between the CDMA network version and the WCDMA version. In the following, let us find the differences in details. Appearances Overall, CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and WCDMA version have no difference, the real differences lies in the details. The most important point is this CDMA iPhone 4 canceled SIM card slot because the CDMA mobile phone in American market features a SIM card. In addition, the antenna of this CDMA version iPhone 4 has been redesigned. Compare with WCDMA version, it has an added joint in the phone’s border, and the upper juncture also has been changed. Apple says the adjustment is to adapt CDMA network. However, whether this design is helpful to solve the antenna problem of the WCDMA version iPhone 4 completely still need to be tested. Function The basic functions of CDMA version and WCDMA version seems no difference, such as FaceTime and App Store. However, CDMA version added a new function named mobile hot function, which can allow as many as five sets of device sharing mobile 3G network. In addition, compared with the current version, the system version of CDMA iPhone 4 is the latest iOS 4.2.5, and the performance should be improved. Price Let’s make a compare of Verizon iPhone and AT&T iPhone. According to the two-year contract price, both are 16GB capacity for $199 and 32GB capacity for $299. They don’t have price advantage to each other. However, it must be noted that Verizon has not publish the contracts plan of CDMA iPhone 4 in detail. According to the information from media, Verizon probably provide unlimited flow data services with same charges monthly. CDMA version of the iPhone 4 perhaps has more advantages from this point. Others During the brief conference, Verizon and apple also set the Q&A session. We also learn more news about CDMA version iPhone 4 through it. It was introduced that CDMA version will not synchronous release with the WCDMA version and may not updated annually, which means that next generation iPhone will only release WCDMA version, while CDMA version will need to wait. Additional, according to the information of Verizon official website, CDMA version iPhone 4 is only available in black currently. From 3 Feb , old users of Verizon can order this phone. And , from 10 Feb all users can order online, or at the Verizon retail store and Apple store .

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