The Dichotomy of Being a Smartphone User

With Smartphone getting ubiquitous, everybody is connected online. People are busy posting statuses on various social networking websites, keeping tab of their bank accounts, paying bills and buying stuffs online using their mobile devices. But we cannot ignore the fact that this excessive use of mobile devices has made us vulnerable to various cyber crimes. And the scariest part is that we don’t know the level of threat it possesses.

The Problem

Nowadays, we often come across the terms such as Credit Card Frauds, Computer Hackers, Identity Thieves and Hi-Tech Scams. These cyber criminals always come up with a new way to loot others of their money.

Have you ever thought that what will happen if all your personal data and bank details got hacked? Well, the thought alone can give you shivers. But the reality is that we are way too prone to such incidents. And we hear news about such incidents every now and then. There is no denial to the fact that we might be the next victim.

The Solution

So what do we do? Should we stop using the otherwise awesome smart phones?

Definitely not! These smart phones have made our life way too easier and have become a necessity. Well there are a lot of ways to save ourselves from such incidents. Various Android app development companies have come up with apps that can help you keep your personal data safe and encrypted. The Android app developers today know that there is a lot that can be done in order to safeguard the privacy of a user. That is why they have developed some of the great apps that can be used in order to save ourselves from these cyber threats.

National Cyber Security

This app delivers the latest news and information about computer hacking, cell phone security, cyber bullying, events, videos, computer security measures. Perfect for both tech-geeks and technically challenged users. This app can help you stay updated and therefore safe.

Who Is Tracking

Here is a better way to keep an eye on those who are tracking you without your consent.

Today, a lot of applications are developed and shared on hacker blogs, forums and communities. These apps can track your personal data and send the extracted information.

The app “Who Is Tracking” was developed with an aim to close the doors to hackers who’s trying to track the information. It is an amazing application which will detect any malicious apps or bloatware trying to track your location and data via Bluetooth, NFC, Bank Accounts info, Messages, Trojan Virus, GPS location, history, Social Network info, etc.

It is designed to make a sound if it finds any clue of tracking. You can send a mock GPS data if any app is trying to access your GPS info for longer durations or multiple times. You can also delete all the history from your phone.

There are a number of other apps that can be used to avoid the hackers from accessing our private information. But it is also important that we stay alert and use technology responsibly. This will help us to refrain ourselves from falling for any suspicious attempts made by unidentified applications or websites.

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