the development of HD network cameras in the security market will be growing rapidly——

MODEL: APM-H502-WS Micro Ip Camera
New Feature:
> Support Gmail/Hotmail function
> Support SD-Card up to 32GB.
> Free DDNS for Remote viewing
> Freely control alarm sound ON/OFF
> Freely control alarm record ON/OFF
Basic Feature:
>> H.264 video compression format
> SD2.0 standard, maximum storage 32G
> Built-in Microphone and Speaker
> Support two-way audio function
> Freely control upload image to FTP
> Support up to 9 users online simultaneously
> Motion detection alert with snapshots via email
> Allow remote view & record from anywhere anytime
> Multi-level user management with password protection
> Wi-Fi compliant with wireless standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n
> Support both WEP & WPA WPA2 encryption for wireless
> 2.0 Megapixel Micron CMOS progressive scanning
> Support Mobile phone login from User Interface via browser directly
> Support IE, Safari, Firefox, Google chrome browser or any other standard browsers

HD network camera is in the marketing period when starting in 2010 but it reach more than 30% of the market growth rate in the past two years with the large-scale project of the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, Green City Network HD. This also shows that the the Network HD overall effect and solutions have been accepted by the user. At an early stage, HD network camera mainly to foreign brands, resulting in the application and sales hampered due to the lack of foreign HD network camera manufacturers in terms of supporting and Illumination, plus labor costs are high, so high prices, many security companies has been in the development can reduce the the cost of monitoring the face of high prices. In addition to To HD network cameras unit price significantly lower, closer to consumers, high-definition monitor cost savings but also for engineering suppliers and users in many ways. Instead of coaxial cable, such as cable and transmission of video, audio, power and control signals, you can save a lot of wire. With the development of technology and user demand for high-definition images, the development of HD network cameras in the security market will be growing rapidly.

Most of the traditional security monitoring camera, and mostly confined to a restricted range of monitoring, video surveillance from traditional security monitoring to dedicated and civilian development. The rapid development of the Internet and broadband network technology of the existing broadband network has been able to meet the many needs of the users of video surveillance, which makes the formation of a huge potential for the development of broadband networks based on the digital, network-based remote video monitoring camera business. With the rapid development of the global broadband market, on the one hand, the major carriers have broadband applications and vigorously promote the other hand, in recent years, broadband price further reduced, as everyone from the line, making the rapid popularity of broadband applications , so remote video surveillance has become a broader demand for cheap broadband lines. The world’s major telecom operators have launched a sharp increase in demand for network video surveillance equipment video value-added services based on broadband networks, the ordinary people.

According to statistics related to civil security products in the foreign penetration rate of over 70%, and has been the choice for foreign family of security products because of its cost advantage of the beautiful, safe, smart, easy to install. Huge civilian market potential also bears enormous commercial opportunity, in accordance with the relevant agencies speculated, if calculated in accordance with the existing 100 million urban households, combined with the GDP growth of the national economy and the pace of development of China’s urbanization, the next five years, China urban households are expected to purchase the total will reach 50 million units, in accordance with each set of 1,000 yuan, the market will reach 50 billion yuan, an annual average of 100 billion market demand, the coastal economically developed rural areas has not been included in the sales range . Huge civil security market prospects, but before the security systems are designed based on the application of professional occasions, to civilian occasions is not suitable for use in terms of ease of use, price, features, etc.. It also makes the the civilian ip network camera emerged. Network cameras in seemingly better civilian market, whether real practical application is what it? Optimistic about the prospects of network cameras, I learned that the vast majority of security companies in Shenzhen has 70% of the country’s security products and security companies, many businesses are preparing to enter the network dome camera market, but really has begun The companies do not do network cameras.

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