The Development Goals of dragon well tea 2

The development goals
Initially built from 2009 to 2010 the construction area of 60,000 square meters of Wuzhou City, China six Fort tea, tea, including trading four, tea houses and tea culture exhibition center, six Fort tea and logistics centers; 100 over six Fort tea monopoly shop; into five six Fort tea Maocha wholesale market. Tea ceremony of   dragon well tea   is one of China’s national essence.
After five years of training, 2015, Wuzhou City, China built six Fort tea tea features the largest and relatively complete six Fort tea market, give full play to the professional market window of tea, the six Fort tea-round home and abroad. The city built a total of 10 six Fort tea Maocha wholesale market. In addition to being a drink, Chinese   dragon well tea   is used in traditional Chinese medicine and in Chinese cuisine.
The layout
(1) six Fort tea tea Wuzhou City, China. Layout of the Blue Mountains in Wuzhou City, Mizuki construction district.  Chinese   longjing  essence is the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty, it is a kind of art.
(2) six Fort tea Maocha wholesale market. The raw material base of the core growing areas of town location and radiation-growing areas of the county as a unit to build a Maocha wholesale Maocha reasonable distance.  And   dragon well tea   also has very deep relationship with philosophy and religion.
(3) six Fort tea chain stores. Prefecture-level city in the country for more than six Fort tea chain stores opened, and gradually form a nationwide network of six Fort tea brand management, to encourage businesses and farmers engaged in tea distribution business brokers.  The deeper meaning of the   dragon well tea   ceremony of   dragon well tea   is “discovering the Dao.”
(4) six Fort tea sales area. Tea in Guangzhou City, south, Shenzhen Oriental International Tea and other tea wholesale market are open six Fort tea sales area, Wuzhou City, the six Fort tea sales in this business area can be set up offices and stores, so to Guangzhou. Drinking   dragon well tea   is also a way of cultivation.
Shenzhen city in these retail distribution of tea tea and tea dealers across the country wholesale tea, as the vanguard of taking distribution line, connecting the Wuzhou headquarters and tea dealers across the bridge, thus speeding up the six Fort tea, the tea market in the country spread. Through the spirit of the tea ceremony of   longjing tea, people detect their inner souls.
Of tea culture and tourism planning
Exposition of six Fort tea culture, the main building, mining, promote and develop national tea culture, tea culture to create financial experience, traceability, leisure and tourism and other functions as one of the tea culture tourist area (corridor);. Japanese tea ceremony of   dragon well tea   is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, powdered green tea.
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