The Dentist Never Tell You the Secrets

To maintain oral health, daily use at least 10 minutes of brushing and flossing. However, adults average brushing time is probably two to three minutes, the children are doing worse.


Second, when people first meet you, they are concerned about your eyes, followed by the teeth, and then the hair. However, the money people spend on hair is obviously more than in the teeth. Third, in the eyes of most people, bleeding gums does not matter. However, as long as your gums bleeding is not caused by heavy brushing your teeth, even if there is a little bit, that is periodontal disease.


Fourth, even educated people often think, as long as there is no pain, their oral is healthy. High cholesterol does not cause pain, but people know it is a big problem. Frankly, I think that most people often do not realize that the mouth is also a part of their body. Fifth, dentists always ask patients with severe gum disease more frequent use of dental floss, but this time flossing is futile. Think about it, a piece of string in the finger can be used to clean the department of the bottom of the shirt pocket?


Sixth, if you want to reduce the harmful bacteria in the mouth, you have regular use of xylitol, chewing gum containing sugar substitutes. It can change the chemical composition of your mouth. A day 6 or 7 of xylitol chewing gum will help you to stay away from tooth decay. Seventh, children with dental problems in school often seem aggressive. They are upset, and easily excited. The teachers would say that they have behavioral problems, but in fact these children are likely to only because of a toothache.


Eighth, Many parents believe that the deciduous tooth decay is no need to pay more attention to, because they will fall off sooner or later. But the problem is, because very serious tooth decay prematurely pull out of a baby teeth, other teeth will squeeze in to occupy this space. Lack of timely and correct treatment, things will become a mess. Ninth, I call the soft drink liquid chain saws, it can penetrate teeth. It is not just sugar, it is acid.


Tenth, the bacteria leading to teeth may be through saliva from mother to infant. If your oral health is relatively poor, you have tasted baby food, and in turn the same spoon into the baby’s mouth, you would be tantamount to place him in danger.


Please protect your teeth; I think teeth are very important for you.


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