The Defeat Is a Wealth of Life

Life is like a water flow, and the history is like a great river with a fusion of many flows. You cannot leave the river, but you plant some reef in the river, the river has a wind and the river water flow with a sharp turn, a sharp drop and rise, and you will come across crossroads and maze.


Life is like a ship, the world seems to be the sea and human beings seems to be the helmsman of the sailing, while the ideological tilt and the choice of the era seem to sometimes changing the direction of water flow and large or small wind.


In our growth, learning, work and life, we cannot always be smooth, without frustrations and setbacks. We always encounter more or less frustration, such as exam failure, hopeless career, and business frustration. If we are ignorant in the frustration, we are only frustrated but also despondent, finally personally ruin our own future. While the frustrated process is often the process of earning true knowledge, if we are to analyze the reasons, learn lessons, and improve us, to avoid no longer following the same or similar detour in the future, then you have actually set foot on the road to success.


In fact, frustration is not necessary, but which is the person must pass through. Because we do not undergo the rain, how can we see the rainbow? So you do not undergo the impact of storms, you will not exercise your mind. As the saying goes “under a tree not grow good grass.” Anyone want a career, they must be engaged the storms of life, because you have frustration then you will rise up and make progress. Do not break the backbone of life due to a setback, do not give up the pursuit of life for a frustration, but should “A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit.” And in painful ordeal, we adjust to the new target.


In the face of frustrated, we cannot be demoralized. Swallow goes, they will return; green willow trees fade, they will become green again; peach blossoms decline, they will bloom again…To adjust our attitude and emotion, raise the sail forward, correct the life of the coordinates and route to look for and seize the opportunity to find our place in our own light source, our own voice. Trauma is the motivation; frustration is the wealth of life.


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