The debt into “creditor” woman set set of bullying blackmail 4 million detention

Originally to “good friend” li mou of more than 600 yuan, is never refers to the conclusion for debts party, and use bullying means racketeering 4 million yuan. Chongqing longevity police 11 to the media report says the huge extortion case has now GaoPo, the criminal suspect and associates be successful li mou caught. Jan. 6, 2011 afternoon, is Mr. XuLao by the middle of wake, several people rushed into the house with his daughter for threat villa proposal, it is the second daughter of a leader of XuLing friend li mou. “Your daughter owe me more than 500, 1.04 million, and the rest of the only take your villa owe!” Li mou to put out the phone to Mr. XuLao, inside it is XuLing voice. Because some time ago and the mother of his daughter left home just make antinomy, phone to also can not contact, Mr. XuLao can’t confirmed the truth, immediately rebuffed li mou. Seeing things no, li mou associates will XuLao for luxe boots online Mr Pour at the sofa, take out a dagger threatened with villa is if you don’t owe, cut down his arm, and pulled out mobile phone threats, such as do not immediately tell the waiting in the school associates to two grandchildren langurs swing. In addition, li mou also lied that the elder brother is public security organs, the informant, sister-in-law in mobile company work, such as the alarm will be to get more big trouble. Lack of legal common sense XuLao of Mr. Li mou of family in bullying threats, but signed the repayment of the debt agreement “, will a villa longevity area for daughter pay 4.06 million debts and villa in part home appliance facilities holdings to li mou. After understanding, XuLing and li mou met in 2009, daily often at the table contest, we have revolutionized became “good friend”. Period, li mou three days to find QinLing two head to borrow money, tens of thousands of amount, to differ, a luxe boots year come down already owed the QinLing 600 more than ten thousand yuan. Due to the home is richer, himself and do business in tianjin oil, QinLing very safe in the lend money to “good sisters,” behold the li mou to the slaughter of a mind “fat”. By the end of 2010, li mou to XuGuLai find XuLing while playing CARDS and found that the family make antinomy just leave, the phone can’t contact, then move up a crooked, set a trap to director to a “debtors to the creditor” game. Li mou through various ways on the first contact XuLing, and then to the complaints, that was a Philippine businessman cheated 14 million, dare not to brother li mou a replacement, and request XuLing help write a ious, said money was she borrowed, XuLing gives on the spot refuse. A few days later, li mou request again for XuLing to its brother that borrowed 5 million yuan has also 1.04 million, and the rest of the end of money again. See XuLing Luxe Tsar Boots still refused to promise, li mou and a carrot and stick approach, says XuLing if not help, before more than 600 owed is unable to pay. XuLing thought so mean to his brother, according to li mou li mou a dozen telephone, but had never expected that call process is recording, so they appear as the scene. Until last year XuLing 30 late home New Year, all to the truth to light. For li mou, has repeatedly threatened, Mr. XuLao worry about your family and grandson safety, fear can’t report to the police. In November 2011, Mr. XuLao it in the company of son came to longevity area public security bureau. To report to the police, the police immediately longevity meetings, special police forces (done so, through the various MoPai clues, CunDian way of waiting, success will be the criminal suspect li mou, li mou, cheng, a man arrested. At present, a few suspect has been XingJu, this case is further investigation. Luxe Bedouin Boots

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