The Dance Movement Is One of the World’s Best Tranquilizers

Dancing is a wholesome, noble and recreational activity. However, because the elderly should not participate in those intense sports, dance can be described as a suitable physical exercise. Some people specifically did the test and concluded that one hour of waltz is equal to people walking for 2 kilometers away.


Moreover, dance can promote blood circulation of the whole body, make organs and parts of the muscles of the body get sufficient nourishment, to speed up metabolism. Practice has proved, after tense labor, or after dinner, you can arrange an appropriate time to dance, which can reduce the occurrence of the disease such as indigestion, obesity, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. At the same time, dance is able to better to promote brain rest, and is beneficial to go to sleep at night. In addition, some patients with certain metabolic diseases can get prevention or treatment by dancing. For example, dancing can reduce blood sugar of diabetics.


Furthermore, dance is not a single sport; however, it is always accompanied by music, and is a comprehensive sport. Beautiful light music makes people feel relaxed and happy, as well as leisure; besides, it can also give you happy spirit, and increase appetite, recover physical force, eliminate fatigue, and help you to sleep, but also can cure many diseases such as depression and psychosis, and has the significantly effect to lower blood pressure and alleviate or cure clinical symptoms. The scientists studied and proved that the beautiful and healthy music enables the human cerebral cortex appear a new excitement stove to inspire spirit; the catchy melodies and beats can promote brain development, causing chest muscle relaxation, to increase lung capacity. When you dance with the melodious sounds of music, your body has secreted some healthy hormone to regulate blood flow, make nerve cells excited, and to make gastric motility regularly. Therefore, during the health care and prevention of hypertensive patients, the dancing has a positive effect. Moreover, for excessively obese people, dance can achieve weight loss goals.


In addition, a scholar in the United States believes that: “The dance movement is one of the world’s best tranquilizers.” This is because the right amount of dance can ease the tensions of the neuromuscular, so that obtain the effect of the calming the nerves. Therefore, when have nothing to do, we can dance for a rest; at the same time, it is good for our health. Why not doing it?


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