The Daily Necessities Can Conserve the Car Wonderfully

Now, there are more and more private cars and the lives of a lot of people cannot do without a car. Although the car services in our lives, we have to take good care of it and conserve it, to make it better for our services. In the following, I will introduce you some care maintenance knowledge. Although they are common daily necessities of the daily life, if they are used in the car, especially in the automotive repair and maintenance, they will play an unexpected role.


First, whether do you know the magical effect of toothpaste? The toothpaste contains a lot of grinding ingredients, when the automotive value and value seat need grinding, the toothpaste containing abrasive ingredients can come in handy. In addition, when there are minor scratches on the car dashboard lights, if you use toothpaste to gently smear, the scratch repair effect will be very good. Second, it is kitchen detergent. Common sense tells us that the detergent will not corrode. If we use this detergent to instead of gasoline or kerosene to clean automotive parts, especially small accessories of rubber category, after cleaning, it will not be distorted. Moreover, the effect of washing the hands or wearing overalls after repair the car is the best.


Third, this is active oil. The active oil is used to treat bruises by medical professionals, but if the car is contaminated by the asphalt, you can use active oil to remove it, which is not only convenient and effective, and does not leave any traces. Fourth, it is washing powder and soap powder. Using washing powder or soap powder to wash dirty hands and chassis grease, the effect of removing grease is very good. Fifth, do you know the effect of cans? The cans of aluminum products remained after drinking beer or soft drinks can be made into the gasket on the car or simply converted into a funnel to add oil or add water, which is both to save money and is an excellent material.


Sixth, it is pure water. Nowadays, the pure water or drinks on the market is consistent with the battery water after testing. So you can use this pure water or beverage to supply the battery, which can prevent the liquid level too low to cause sulfide.


Therefore, in the daily life, we can take use of many objects to solve a lot of issues. If we can use our eyes to find, we can do it.


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