The core function of green laser pointer will be demonstrated

Vs. offset printing with color laser technology. Editor’s Note: Since the debut of digital printing technology in the late eighties of the last century, people have been in the quality of its printing and offset printing quality comparison. But it is from then on, the digital printing not only made the rapid development of image quality, and its advantages in other areas is gradually revealed. Offset printing technology is now outdated, but most printers are not aware of it. Offset printing technology is about in the sixties of the last century began to replace letterpress printing technology, and eventually became the dominant color printing technology in the market. As time goes on. Therefore, this kind of green laser pointer can be used even the ambient environment has the high moisture.
Color photo offset printing quality improvement has been far beyond people’s imagination, and it has also become the standard measure of a printing technology today. Consumers are not interested in printing, they just want to get better print quality at the most reasonable prices. Ago to replace offset printing technology in digital printing, printing will not be on the characteristics of the traditional print any thoughts. For example: from the page design to the cost of the work of the group version of the proofs of multiple cycles and expensive number plate making machine. The offset also need to use high-priced plates, they are into metal aluminum, and can only be used once. This is the cost incurred prior to the first available printing proofs. It is another remarkable and attractive feature for this kind of green laser pointer .
Since then, the number of printing is more, the lower the cost of a single page. The fact that you can print in a print runs on eight or 16 pages, and offset printing is very fast. Only in the finishing of the time, a larger size sheets often need to consume a higher cost. Whether you want to choose a 52 cm a small printing press or a 102 cm large printing press, offset printing are the best choice for long printing. Color laser printing. The digital color press is evolved in the eighties of last century by a color copier, Canon Inc. by virtue of their CLC printing equipment has become the world’s first company to introduce a digital color press. Here will introduce the dust proof characteristic.
, The device did not take long to reach a higher level in image quality. The mid-1990s, some printing equipment dealers began to use it as alternative products of the offset press sales, and other advantages of the digital equipment is also becoming increasingly clear up. With the advent of digital device, pre-press costs have been significantly decreased. Because it does not need to use the printed version. Images of each page will be transferred to the sheets In other words, the contents of each page can be independently changed. Toner color is uniform, and the sheets dry quickly after printing. This means that we can follow the sequence from the first page to last page to print brochures, catalogs and books, then they are stacked and bound together. There is a dust-proof switch at the most front of the body of green laser pointer .
Sheets of size are generally A3, it will be the number of pages per hour printing a certain limit. But it can also be automated finishing, thus significantly improve the speed of the entire printing process. Another key difference is that the offset press operators need to have more technical knowledge than the operation of the digital presses. Offset printing is a chemical process, relatively speaking, more difficult to control, and digital printing presses almost does not require the operator to control the image’s color, because it can be a resource file to correct the color. In the offset printing process, the greater the number of printed, the lower the unit cost of printing of the page. Digital printing unit printing cost is relatively stable and because prepress low cost. The manufacturer added an extra head to green laser pointer .
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