The Best Way to Use Log Splitters

Softwood can also be used but most users prefer firewood that is chopped from a hardwood source. Before using a log splitter, the wood must be pre cut by a larger machine. This is usually the wood that is fed to it.
Nowadays, the log splitters that are used in most households are rated with a measurement of ten tons. Whereas professional log splitters, which are equipped with hydraulic systems are capable of exerting at least thirty tons of pressure.
Aside from these mechanical log splitters, there are also mechanical ones that use a lever to cut up the logs. The logs are then processed by a blade which cuts the logs according to the predetermined thickness and length.
Although the very first log splitter was originally used to supply firewood to the household, modern versions of this machine are now utilized for a lot of commercial purposes.
There is also a version called “firewood processor” which is capable of sawing the logs into different sizes and then packing them up in stacks in a truck or wood bag.
There are also some machines that are specially designed to cut up logs used for poles and fence sticks.
Since using the log splitter can be a danger to the user, it must be ensured that children have no access to it. Only trained professionals should be given the authority to operate and store a log splitter.
Hydraulic machines can be safer than the manual ones for they are equipped with a system called two handed operation for additional safety. In machines that have the two handed operation feature, the user’s hands are both kept in the operator’s handle to keep them out of the moving blade’s path.
There are also some cases in which logs that are fed to the machine are thrown back out by the log splitter, causing accidents and injuries.
To prevent that from happening, the user must stay in a safe zone so that whatever problems may occur, he can minimize the injury that it can inflict.

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