The Benefits of Learning to Drink Coffee

“The path of freedom is through the flower of God.” Paris Flore cafe’s menu printed with these words, so let you know, many years ago, Sartre is here to write the “Freedom Road”. And, if you slightly curious, the waiter will proudly tell you, Sartre won the Nobel Prize, but he did not even bother in to pick up, but went back to smoke his pipe of Magritte. There is a lot of coffee melting together with countless bright names, until that was served to you but you cannot tell what is so attractive to you.


Camus, Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway… that every day they went to the cafe and order a cup of coffee became their many years of habit, perhaps coffee achieve their great, it is unknown. Data shows that Voltaire drink 40 cups of coffee a day, really amazing. This old man lived to be 84 years; we have to make a question mark for those sensational stories about coffee beverages.


A cup of coffee is now more than Westerners living habits, the world of urban white-collar workers all have some tips on coffee. Any one supermarket has a coffee for sale, including the corner convenience store. When a cup of coffee becomes a part of life, any rumors of coffee is enough to shake our fragile nerves.


However, coffee is the nemesis of diabetes. A study on country of Finland, the world per capita consumption of coffee found that the diabetes’s risk of women drinking three to four cups of coffee a day is 29% lower than the ordinary people on average, but the men’s risk is 27% lower. The researchers were unable to determine the reasons, but they suspect that it is the antioxidants in coffee to deliver insulin to the body’s cells and tissues.


In addition, coffee can also prevent cancer. In Japan, one study covering 90,000 people has shown that the possibility of people drinking a cup of coffee a day to sustained 10 years of suffering from liver cancer will be reduced by half. Similarly, the German scientists found in coffee, the active compounds called methyl pyridine, which can catalyze the production of the enzyme to prevent colon cancer.


Besides, coffee can stimulate the discharge of gallstones. One study involving 46,000 people in US found that drinking two to three cups of coffee and continued for over 10 years suffering from the risk of gallstones is 40 percent lower than the common. The researchers believe this is because the caffeine can stimulate gallbladder discharge may lead to gallstones material.


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