The Attributes of Women’s Church Hats

What are the qualities or attributes that make a church bonnet appealing and attractive? Should the design be loud? Or does it need to be overstated and flamboyant? Is it okay for fashionable ladies to wear a trendy design on an occasion like Easter? The fascinating fact about women’s hats for a Sunday church service or any festival is that it is regarded a rude conduct if a man puts his boater on in a cathedral. On the contrary, it is considered an honorable gesture if a lady does so. This hat etiquette originated from an ancient Biblical quote. A holy woman should have her head covered while attending any spiritual service.

Easter Fedoras

Some ladies love to wear large brim brilliant designs. There are others who prefer their boaters to be demure, subtle and toned down. However, women’s church hats for Easter are a bit more extraordinary than the regular ones with audacious colors and additional flowers, plumages and captivating brooches.

During spring time, ladies can opt for colorful and floral fedora’s for religious festivities commences. In the contemporary times, this practice has led to the flaunting of trendy fedoras. A head covering that is more loud and vivid than those worn at other times. Sometimes, a bonnet can be so flamboyant that it gives an impression of a fashion show. A gorgeous lady can steal people’s attention at such occasions by putting on a white boater adorned with several lively flowers around the top or on the brim. Some minsters have special events where you can flaunt these festive bonnets.

Some Hat Considerations

Size Matters

You should consider the size of your women church hats depending on the event you will be wearing it. A boater with large brim can be fun and produce a dramatic effect, but an oversized one might disturb the people seated next to you. Therefore, a good chapeau is one that is right sized to make you feel comfortable while attending a religious congregation. So, it’s good to be a bit careful while opting for large sized designs.


When you put on a bonnet, it will keep your scalp warm. In cold weather conditions, it is prudent to opt for varieties that keep you warm and comfortable. However, if you are inside a cathedral, the temperature will be warmer than outside, and a woolen boater will make you feel unnecessarily warm. It might even make you feel drowsy, and this is one thing that you will hate to do when inside a basilica.

Colors Evoke Feelings and Sentiments

As far as women’s hats are concerned, colors play a dominant role. Colors are associated with human feelings and emotions and you wish to ensure that your boater has the right color to exude the right feelings for a spiritual service or a festivity such as Easter. Basic and solid shades are appropriate for Easter and chapeaus with leopard spots and neon tones are perfect for Mardi Gras and Halloween.

Good luck!

About the Author: Laurent Eddie is a costume designer with ample knowledge about style and fashion. She thinks you can look more attractive and sober with womens church hats or may be with other designer womens hats. Being an expert, she knows how to make your look appealing with some minor tweaks.

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