The Acute Symptoms of Tumor Should Not Be Ignored

In the treatment process of malignant tumors, some emergency symptoms often occur. These symptoms should never be ignored, because the delayed treatment may even endanger life.


Shock: It is a universal cellular response of external fatal stimuli, for it makes the organic functions decline and retains the available energy for surviving. It is a kind of syndrome of acute circulatory failure caused by various serious illness or injury. The common reasons of tumor patients to have shock are bleeding, exhaustion, fever, drug allergy or infection and so on.


High fever: Acute high fever refers to the body temperature above 30 degrees Celsius. The fever of tumor patients results from quick growth of tumor lesions, increased metabolism, tissue necrosis, infection or anti-cancer drug intake. It is commonly seen on malignant lymphoma, leukemia, lung cancer, osteosarcoma, gastric cancer, colon cancer, and pancreatic cancer and so on.


Coma: The unconsciousness refers to the extreme serious symptom of losing response to external things. It is commonly seen on high fever, brain tumors, cancer brain metastases and other brain diseases.


Massive haemorrhage: If the aggressive growth of cancer destroys large blood vessel, the massive haemorrhage will occur. For example, if the lung cancer erodes the large blood vessels in lung, patients may have hemoptysis, causing suffocation and death.


Liver nodules rupture: If the liver nodules rupture because of external force or internal factors, there will be severe pain and bleeding, even leading to hemorrhagic shock to result in death.


Cancerous ulcer perforation: Due to the deep erosion of cancer tissue, the ulceration cancer may have perforation, which is manifested as acute abdominal disease. The adhesion of small perforation and surrounding tissues may form fistula. For example, the perforation of esophageal cancer often cause tracheal fistula.


Intestinal obstruction: The bowel cancer especially colon cancer is easy to have tumor obstruction because of continuous growth of tumor. If it develops into full obstruction, patients will have abdominal distention, constipation and so on.


Brain death: The development of brain tumors could lead to intracranial high pressure. The main symptoms are headache, vomiting, consciousness loss and even heartbeat stop.


If the patients have the above symptoms, I think their families and doctors should pay special attention to the disease development to avoid death danger.


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