Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men by BodyLifeMD

You’ve taken good care of yourself; you eat a balanced diet and work out every day. Whether you’re hitting the weights, shooting hoops, jogging, or hiking, you’re an active guy. You’ve been happily married for twenty years and life couldn’t be better, until you hit your forties. Now, you feel like you’re running on empty. You’ve been worn out all day, no matter how much sleep you get. You’re running out of steam at the gym. When it comes to the bedroom, your drive has gone into a tailspin. Your wife thinks you need to see a doctor and you agree. You are afraid something is really wrong.

Listen to your wife and make that appointment with BodyLifeMD. Chances are, you are facing a common problem that strikes many men as middle age approaches. All of your symptoms could be indictors of low t levels. A drop in testosteron therapy for men levels is a normal part of the aging process for every man. However, some men will feel the effects of low t levels much more dramatically than others. While some of your buddies appear to coast through this period in life, others will experience problems that are similar to yours. Testosterone is an essential hormone in your body. It enhances your strength and energy, as well as your drive. When testosterone levels have a significant drop, it can wreak havoc on your body. The only way to determine if this is the root of your health problem is to seek the expert advice of a doctor.

When you visit your local BodyLifeMD office, you can discuss the possibility of testosterone replacement therapy. Before any treatment is recommended, you can expect a thorough examination, a series of questions and a blood test. A blood test is needed to check your testosterone levels, supplying your doctor with a definitive answer to your hormone needs. Your physician will also want to rule out any other, underlying conditions. High blood pressure and heart conditions can mimic the symptoms of low t levels. If tests prove you are in need of testosterone replacement therapy, your doctor will discuss your options.

Testosterone injections are the most common and effective from of testosterone replacement therapy offered by BodyLifeMD. You will give yourself testosterone injections once a week, from the comfort of your own home and should see a boost in energy and improvement in ual libido. Patients who start the BodyLifeMD testosterone therapy program never look back!

For more information on our testosterone replacement therapy programs, visit BodyLifeMD.com or call 1-800-658-8858 for immediate assistance.

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