Termite Plays an Important Role on the African Savannah

The termite belongs to the lower half metamorphosis of insects, and wood or cellulose are their food. They spread in six continents except for Antarctica, which is mostly located between the equator as the center, south and north latitude 45 °. Previously, these insects which have long six legs and four wings can bite down trees and eat houses, so they are notorious on the pest list. In recent years, with scientists know them more and more, their bad image is expected to be changed.


In recent years, the ecological scientist Dr. Lin Geer has been dedicated to the study of African termites. He thought in the African savannah the most bumble termites play a leading role, but neither for the lion nor an elephant. For the termites, they controlled almost the entire the rise and fall of the savannah.



The African termites are almost all over the entire steppe region. During the dry season, they live under the soil to loose soil, so that the soil is not too dry because of drought. Once the rainy season comes, rainwater through the soft soil into the ground, which could let the prairie plants get plenty of moisture to take root. After the dry season, there will still be newborn to grow up. Through the transformation of soil, the termites help the animals and the plants to live on the prairie directly or indirectly.


In addition, the termite regards the wood, grass, leaves and feces of herbivores as food. These things after the termites’ unique digestive system will become nutrient-rich sticky. The temperature of termites cave is higher, rotting wood and grass in the higher temperature make the nitrogen and phosphorus components increased, thus making more nutrients increase in the soil and provides a good soil and plant environment in the rainy season.


You can image that if there are termites in the African savannah, it would probably have been turned into desert or ruins.


The natural environment is magical. The evil pests in the eyes of the people as before, with the deepening of the knowledge of them, they turned out to man’s best friend.


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