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MS Word Invoice Templates and More

If you have a small business or a home-based business, you need to be able to look professional when invoicing your clients or sending different types of forms to vendors. Invoices especially are important because you need to get your clients to take you seriously when you are requesting money. These days, sloppy hand written invoices or amateurish looking invoices just won’t cut the mustard.

Many small business owners put a lot of time and effort into the graphic design elements of their marketing materials such as logos, brochures, and web sites. Although you don’t need an award winning design for your invoices and other daily forms such as receipts and work orders, it pays to have them look top notch professional. Anything short of professional looking and you may encounter resistance or delays when it comes time for clients to pay for your products or services, even though the products and services themselves have been performed or delivered as requested by the client. Why take a chance on a poor looking invoice or other daily use form when you can get Word invoice templates online so easily?

Go to www.microsoft.com and go to the section marked free downloads or just do a search on their intuitive search module. Search for “Word Invoice Templates” or “Excel Invoice Templates” and it will give you back several results. Most of these templates are free to download and use as much as you want. For invoices and other forms that need mathematical equations such as addition or multiplication, you will probably want to use the Excel spreadsheet templates that are available. If you do not have Excel, the Word invoice templates are fine and you may just need to do your own addition. If you are dealing with large amounts of numbers or volume of items to add up, you may want to consider purchasing Excel.

You can also go to your nearest Best Buy or Fry’s Electronics and search their software titles and collateral materials for some pre-packaged templates. These are usually available bundled up neatly in one CD or Flash drive and they are usually very inexpensive, unless you are getting a high end program or other bundled items. These word invoice templates and other document templates are very easy to use and you can usually insert your own logos or otherwise customize them with other graphics.

If you are adept at MS Word or Excel you can also just build your own custom template from scratch. It is pretty easy to do on either program but most experts will suggest Excel because of the calculation process and the ability to add formulas. This is what Excel was made for in the first place so why not use it to its fullest advantage?

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