TeamPromote: Innovative Marketing Platform

Team Promote is the new innovative marketing platform brought to you by APSense, the professional Business Social Network.

It launched on Monday, August 15.

TeamPromote gives people who have a business with products or services, a way to advertise them more effectively. This will benefit a range of businesses from large corporations through affiliate programs to small home businesses.

In particular, if you have your own affiliate program and want to help your affiliates get actively promoting for you, TeamPromote will give you a way to reward them.

Promoters will make up a team work to spread the word campaigns created by Advertisers. They can choose which ones to promote, and share where they will attract interest, sales and contacts.

Cash provided by the Advertiser, when setting up a campaign will be shared between the promoters as rewards for their contribution to the campaign.

Advertisers and promoters working together in efficient marketing campaigns.

APSense members can access TeamPromote by using the APSEnse Passport from the Home Page.

To learn more about TeamPromote, visit their website:

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