Tapis – Suitable For Any Home Decorator and Office Decorator

There was a time when animal skins were used by primitive peoples to lie or hedge protection during the winter. But the years went by, the natural beauty of these skins were used to make fashion accessories and home and now has become an important part of each Interior design. And one thing that became very popular around the world is the carpet or Tapis [ french name]. Whenever we think of interior design, the element that immediately comes to mind is a carpet or Tapis. With a wide range of printed materials, sizes, shapes and colors of carpet on the market, people have become aware of how a rug can change the overall look of a room and create a sleek, refined and exotic.

Carpet or Tapis can change the atmosphere in the room, and has become a favorite piece of decoration among the people. And ‘outdoors or indoors, rugs have found their place in every home. Animal fur rugs have always been a favorite among the people, even though they were expensive. But to avoid the slaughter of animals, animal lovers have been reluctant to buy a carpet of natural fur animal. Understanding the love of skins of animals and the prevention of cruelty to animals, used carpet and carpet manufacturers of high technology produces fur rugs, however, that it looked and felt like a carpet of natural fur, fur rugs really wrong. These mats also known as faux fur rugs. Faux means “not real” in French, and although they resemble the natural fur, they are made, not from real animal skins, but the synthetic fibers. These rugs of faux fur became an instant hit and people started to buy without feeling guilty for the death of the animals.These animal-friendly rugs created from the same natural jungle seem natural fur, and became very popular. You can choose the carpet that looks like faux fur pelts of different animals such as zebras, leopards, tigers, sheep, bears, etc.Artificial skin rugs are available in many forms and can be used in any room. Faux fur rug can really liven up your room. It can be launched on the couch or bed to keep warm on cold nights, can be used as rugs to decorate your floors, it seems not only welcome, but also keeps your feet warm, or can be hung on the walls to give the room a rustic look.

Skin synthetic carpet can be used for any decor and has many benefits. The green carpet or Tapis of artificial skin are accessible, affordable, hypoallergenic, washable and easy to easy maintenance, stain resistant, durable and come with a latex slip support. To remove dust in your hair synthetic carpet, just shake vigorously, these rugs are machine washable in cold water on a gentle spin.Tapis sur mesure are the perfect choice for those who feel that it is wrong and cruel to use real fur rugs to decorate their homes.Our collections of tapis sur mesure offer a luxurious look and feel for a very affordable price. We offer animal-skin rugs fake bear false, fake fur rugs and fake fur accents rugs. Here you will find a wide selection of tapis sur mesure suitable for any environment.

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