Take too long? meizitang Teach you to get rid of fat hips

Take too long? To do so will be able to get rid of fat hips

 A meizitang  simple recipe for dinner, going to the toilet quickly away from the lower abdomen

 1 make a fist with both hands on the abdomen

 (2) to put pressure on the abdomen, while abdominal breathing narrow

 3 simple repeated 5-10 minutes back and forth

 Office family after dinner to a simple recipe that massage can not only move to the lower abdomen when, not too intense, can also stimulate the intestinal peristalsis Oh!

 Second, botanical slimming defeat the gourd- shaped body!

 1 fist with both hands, to the inner thighs going round in circles

 (2) knee turn out the same way

 3 simple repetition of 5-10 minutes

 Gourd-type figure body has always been trouble and pain of Asian women, this massage can prevent the accumulation of fat, in particular, can eliminate the hidden inner thigh fat.

 Third, the office, “Paul stomach” war

 Inside the office, sometimes a meizitang soft gel little hot. This time, do not always remember to drink frozen drinks! If the stomach is often said to feel cold, but the body will be mobilized more fat to protect the stomach.
 Fourth, even sedentary but also to create the perfect abdomen

 Now adjust your seat until your hips 1-2 inches above the knee. Then lean forward so the chest at the top of the hip, shoulder blade grip, so your chest will have the power forward.

 You can also choose to sit straight, feet flat on the floor. Force to lift a leg, making it parallel to the ground, and then relax foot to adhere to 5 seconds. Slow down (with 5 seconds to restore it to its original position), then repeat this action for the other leg.

 Fifth, away from the line of sight, botanical slimming gel manage and mouth

 A Cornell University research, said the candy packed in a transparent jar and packed in opaque jars compared to 70% of subjects would eat the candy. , Office family who do not put snacks on the table! Otherwise, it can easily be seduced you go, oh and then quietly fat.

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