Tailoring Your College Education

Making the decision to obtain a college education can be quite the task. What program do you pick? Do you choose a co-op or non co-op program? What institution will best suit your needs? Do you attend full-time or part time? One thing you should not be worried about when deciding on a college education is whether the campus from which you will be based will have the tools you need to succeed.

Centennial College – the first Community College established in Ontario – not only offers students reputable credentials in areas such as Business, Communications, Media and Design; Community and Health Studies, Engineering Technology and Applied Science; Hospitality, Tourism and Culture; and Transportation, but it has also tailored its four campus locations to further enhance students’ college education.

Progress Campus: The headquarters of Centennial College’s administrative offices and its biggest campus, Progress recently saw an expansion thanks to a $35-million infrastructure investment by the provincial and federal governments. As a result, students obtaining their college education on this campus can enjoy the Library and Academic Facility — a 103,500-square foot building that houses a full-service library, 22 large classrooms, lab space and a lecture theatre. A lobby, lecture theatre, fireplace lounge and several theatre-style classrooms complete the ground floor of the building. Conventional classrooms are located on the second floor, while the third and fourth floors provide library space and study rooms. The fourth floor also houses the President’s Office, the Board of Governor’s Board Room, and the President’s Boardroom. Other outlets that enhance students’ college education on this campus are Hospitality, Tourism and Culture facilities such as the Horizons Restaurant (an eatery where students from a range of programs apply their college education to real world situations) and a conference centre that is fully operated by students.

Morningside Campus: The college education focus of Centennial’s newest campus, Morningside, is technology. The location houses health science and environmental science programs. Popular choices include Paramedic, Nursing, Esthetician, Pharmacy Technician, Environmental Protection Technology and Biotechnology. The college education students get at this location is advanced by simulated clinical settings, fully equipped science labs as well as computer labs and large lecture halls.

The Centre for Creative Communications: This place houses Centennial College’s award-winning School of Communications, Media and Design. Among the college education programs taught from this campus are: Advertising, Digital Animation, Fine Arts Studio and Journalism. It offers students large arts studios, TV studios, a newsroom, computer labs with the latest software for a range of programs and much more.

Ashtonbee Campus: The largest transportation training hub in Ontario, this Centennial location focuses on college education programs that deal with every form of land and air transportation. Because Centennial boasts industry partnerships with major manufacturers, including Honda/Acura, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Volvo Trucks, Freightliner and Canadian Tire, the college education of Transportation students is enhanced by the use of cars and car parts these partners donate to the school. The campus also includes a fully functional aircraft hangar, licensed by Transport Canada, complete with a “fleet” of 10 aircraft used as training aids by the aircraft technician and avionics technician students.

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