Keeping up with Several Worlds

Recently Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, was inside the UK speaking at the MediaGuardian Edinburgh international Television festival as well as what he mentioned may possibly have rankled some inside the viewers. He provided an incredibly intriguing address, without pomp or pretention, about the debilitating division among the arts and sciences – one which has crippled … Read more

The Biggest Corporate Deal in History: Vodafone Acquires MannesmannThe Vodafone-Mannesmann Purchase, an important event in corporate history

Within the complex globe of corporate mergers and acquisitions, rarely do they commence without having a hitch or resolve with every person smiling. The terms ‘friendly’ and ‘hostile’ are simplified notions for a series of really difficult manoeuvrings and equanimity is really a tough practice for either party involved. But once you have foreign organizations … Read more