Ncsoft Announced To Acquiring Arenanet

In December 2002, the famous Korean online game development company NCsoft announced to acquiring ArenaNet. Since then, the career focus of ArenaNet is to do the mutual planning and production of the post-game network development with a variety of games of a network game.   ArenaNet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NCsoft North America. NCsoft … Read more

I Hope Everyone Could Enjoy the Game

A U.S. service player found the monster what she and her husband are looking for several days when she does rare elite achievements, but unfortunately, her husband is at work. In order to do not let server kicked out of the game, she had to maintain a role in the activities within the game. Blizzard … Read more

A History of Game titles

Board Games The process sport and the race game will be the two main varieties of game. The race game looks to all sorts of guises: educational, ethical, competitive and also enjoyable. A competition sport requires 2 or more players competing with each other so that you can earn. Competition games can be easy or … Read more