Email Archiving and Filtering to Save Your Business Information

Almost all companies, big and small, are reliant on electronic communication. With it, employees of an organization can exchange significant info, share files, deliver attachments such as text documents, company presentations, PDFs, and view loads of info with the drop of a hat! Though email communication is part and parcel of every corporate house, it’s … Read more

Email Archiving Solution: Safe Emails Storage and Quick Data Retrieval

Businesses these days are becoming more vulnerable to malware and virus attacks. It is because of the rising group of intelligent hackers who are exploring different ways out to gain access to secured networks and email servers. In order to prevent any sort of hacking of your confidential company information and mails, you can use … Read more

What to Look for in Email Storage Software?

The electronic mail has now become the principal means of corporate communication. Besides large corporations, even medium and small-sized firms, send and receive countless mails to operate on a daily basis. All orders, letters, requests, and directives are sent using email nowadays. This is one of the easiest means of transferring important business files at … Read more