2011 First National Treasure bronze sculpture Exhibition Closing

August 25, 2011, the eight-day first 2011 Poly Qingdao bronze sculpture Exhibition draw to an end in the reception of Poly Roland At Sea. Tens of thousands of viewers on-site pro-Kam David charm. In Qingdao, Jiaonan leaders at all levels and co-operation with the strong support, more than 30 pieces of bronze sculpture of Shang, … Read more

Unique bronze sculpture Culture In Southeast China

Yang Cong said, including bronze dagger, Ge, spears, scrapers, knives, adze, arrowheads and other weapons as well as respect, plates, cups and other fine container. Including five with “ears” of the dagger with the more typical style. The basic shape, structure is similar to the ones of the Central Plains. The general bronze sculpture more … Read more