Survivor Season 23 Premieres On Wednesday

Emmy Award-winning host Jeff Probst is back to set sail for the 23rd season of “Survivor: South Pacific” in its 90-minute premiere. Eighteen lucky contestants stranded on the tropic island of Samoa will compete against one other while split into the Savaii and Upolu tribe.Season 23 of “Survivor: South Pacific” premieres Wednesday, September 14, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.Albert Destrade heard former Dolphins and Hurricanes coach Jimmy Johnson say “Survivor” was the toughest thing he had ever done, more punishing than summer football two-a-day practices when he was a player.So when Destrade, the baseball coach at Plantation High and a nephew of original Marlin Orestes Destrade, was cast in “Survivor: South Pacific,” which premieres Wednesday, he began preparing as he felt few ever had. “I was like the Universal Soldier,” he said.Survivor has made a habit recently of bringing back former contestants. And the former seasons keep on returning as well. Following in the footsteps of earlier manufactured-on-demand DVD titles for the Africa, Marquesas, and Heroes vs Villains seasons, CBS Home Entertainment will be releasing two more installments on DVD via Amazon’s CreateSpace: the highly regarded (and title-appropriate) Survivor: The Amazon (season 6), and the less regarded Survivor: Thailand (season 5).

Survivor: The Amazon features the show’s first battle of the sexes, as well as Jenna Morasca and Heidi Strobel infamously getting naked for chocolate and peanut butter (even though nobody asked them to). Survivor: Thailand is generally considered one of the franchise’s weakest installments, but still includes a few classic moments such as the brilliant fake merge and brutal final endurance challenge.The addition of these two seasons to the catalog is good news for completists in that the first 10 seasons of the seminal reality TV show will now all finally be available on DVD. Extras for each set will include featurettes on the cast and location, as well as exit and Early Show interviews with ousted contestants, and a sizzle reel of highlights. Both sets will be available for pre-order this week, with the first DVDs shipping sometime in September. What say you? Will you buy either, neither, or both? And which still-unavailable season of Survivor do you most want to see on DVD? (For me, it’s Micronesia all the way.) Hit the message boards and let us know! And for more Survivor news, follow me on Twitter For Season 23 of “Survivor,” the granddaddy of the competition reality shows is heading out to the South Pacific. The 16 castaways will be joined by two returning cast members and they will be taking the Redemption Island twist with them.

Who do you think the returning cast members will be, “Survivor” fans? Russell and Rob facing off was a pretty of-the-moment scenario after they just finished “Heroes vs. Villains.” Will they do a similar thing by having two of the craziest contestants face off with a Coach vs. Phillip season? That would be kind of awesome.Or maybe somebody like Matt, who was put through the wringer but came up short? Or somebody who had to leave the game due to medical reasons? We’re excited to find out..We aren’t as thrilled about the Redemption Island twist. It was interesting, but would’ve been moreso if the people who returned to the game had done anything. Maybe that will happen the next time around?Survivor liked its last ideas so much, its doing them again.The CBS reality show, which has just declared its winner for Redemption Island, has announced its 23rd season will be Survivor: South Pacific.Recent rumours about Samoa last month appear to have been on the money.The next season will also repeat the Redemption Island feature of the current season, in which ‘eliminated’ tribe members could compete for a chance to rejoin the game.Survivor: South Pacific will also bring back two previous players, just as it did this season.CBS has ordered two more editions of SURVIVOR to be broadcast during the 2011-2012 season. These will mark the 23rd and 24th editions of television’s longest-running hit reality competition series.

Survivor Season 23 Premieres On Wednesday
or Survivor Season 23 Premieres

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