Sunless Tanner: Quick And Easy Tan!

Sunless tanners are zero commitment tanning products which provides the user with a quick and easy tan. The instant sunless tanner has been typically formulated to perk up the pale skin almost instantly while helping blend the tan lines seamlessly.

If you are a commitment phoebe, if you literally shudder at the very thought of sticking to a bronze glow for few days, or if you really desire to assess how tanning goes with your skin tone and appearance then you would be pleased to know that the beauty industry have been working pretty hard in formulating that magic concoction to grant your wishes. The incredible range of wash off self-tanner now stands as a reality.

What exactly is a wash off tan?

As the name implies, wash off tan helps you to go from pale to tan in the shortest span of time and quickly go back to your original skin tone. The super light formula of the instant sunless tanner does not contain DHA, which is the main ingredient in developing the long lasting tan color in any sunless tanner. The revolutionary range of wash-off body tanner hence stands as an instant tan in a bottle with no major commitment at all! Yes, it’s that simple, fast and easy. Just put it on, flaunt your envious bronze look for a day and then simply wash it off!

The best part is you will get a natural looking sun kissed tan. In addition, it won’t just wipe off like many bronzers do. The wash off self-tanner gives you the sheer control of the color and can wash it off whenever you want to.

Application process of wash off tan

Take a shower and exfoliate well to remove all the dead skin cells before you start the application process. Be very particular about the application method and work on each section one at a time to avoid streaking. It is recommended to start with your leg and then slowly move upward. You should also rub the tanner gently to let it blend well into your skin. Wait for some time and then repeat the process. It is all about getting an instant and temporary tan with the range of wash off self-tanner.

The benefits of temporary sunless tanners –

  • It offers an instant and immediate tan
  • It helps in hiding the skin imperfections while augmenting the natural coloring effect
  • All natural sunless tanners without DHA also nourish and moisturize your skin with its anti-aging properties
  • It can be washed off almost easily with soap and water
The beauty and fashion industries are now going round and round about one night tan and now it’s time for you to grab a bottle!

About the Author: John Pet is familiar with many skin care specialists and has seen them advising people sunless tanner based on the skin type they have. He loves talking about things he learned from them and so in this article he is sharing some valuable advices on self-tanners and wash off tan products that help you get a beautiful skin color.

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