Sulbutiamine Bulk Powder (aka Arcalion)

Sulbutiamine Bulk Powder is a type of sports supplement used to increase memory, alertness and mental focus, also known as Arcalion, is an analogue of vitamin B1. And is recommended for office workers, students, and athletes. Can be used in combination with other nootropics (brain supplements).

Now this Sulbutiamine 50 Grams can be purchased in a bulk form, this allows you to acquire the raw ingredients yourself. And the reason why the Sulbutiamine 5 Grams Bulk Powder is sold in a bulk form is that, you can test new supplements, create your own formulas, and of course save lots of money.

Safety Information : Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or if you are in anyway unhealthy.

Ingredients: Pure, bulk powder. There are no fillers, flavors, or anti clumping agents. This product is as pure as it gets.

Directions: 1. Take 200mg – 1 gram with other Nootropics (Brain Supplements). We STRONGLY recommend for you to use a scale accurate to at least 10mg like the scales offered in the our store

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