Sterling Silver Jewelry Adding Charm

If you are lover of jewelry then you will be happy to know that there is new kind of jewelry available and that is sterling silver jewelry. Sterling jewelry contains 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent some other type of metal, often something like copper. As metals added to silver gives it strength and durability. Though pure silver without any mixture is very delicate and soft therefore mixture of metal such as copper is used for making it hard and durable. Therefore always go for sterling silver jewelry which have good mixture of metals so that your sterling silver jewelry stays for long period of time durable and shinning.

The best thing about sterling silver is that it maintains and it does not wear away though silver plating often does. Therefore while purchasing silver jewelry make sure that you check the stamp which shows it’s quality Therefore keep in mind that quality crafted sterling jewelry last long only if you take appropriate care. On the other hand like all silver, sterling silver jewelry is susceptible to tarnishing, especially if it’s not worn very often. For keeping sterling jewelry tarnish free choosing a polish or jewelry cleaner is very important as with the use of polish or cleaner you can polish jewelry periodically.

The most popular sterling jewelry item among individual is silver charm bracelets. Silver charm bracelets add more charm and style and on the other hand you can wear this bracelet is almost every occasion. Therefore you can go for wide range of charm bracelets for adding significant beauty. Charms such as initials, lockets, birthstones etc. you can also go for popular heart pendants for adding more charm to your style. You can also go for rings and earrings etc.

You can also use sterling silver jewelry as a gift as you can gift sterling silver jewelry to you friend in his or her wedding. These days number of couple are choosing sterling jewelry for engagement and wedding rings. As silver usually compliment every type of skin tone and hair color. If you want wear sterling silver for adventurous venture then you can go for …..Read More

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