Sponsor 10 to 20 people a month in your MLM opportunity

First off let’s talk about the path most take in their road to success. There are milestones that everyone normally achieves. First is sponsoring your first person in your business. The Second is when you get to the point where you are spending less than you are making in your business. This is one of the best stages. This is where you start to believe in yourself and your success. It is a very important milestone for you to have. The Third is when you are consistently recurring and sponsoring 2 to 5 people a week into your business. This is when you know that you have made it. I don’t care what your compensation plan is you are going to be making a good living. So how do you get there?

Let’s get right into it.

It’s not about selling the company or pitching your deal, it is about selling people working with you and your team. Make it about something bigger than your business and make it about working with you as a leader and a mentor. Having a deal is just a deal. Deals are everywhere. What is not everywhere is you and what you have to offer as a leader and a mentor. Making it all about you’re team and focus on that not pitching your products or offer. Creating an offer of working with you not your MLM company. Make it about working with you and your team.

There are laws of sponsoring. First law: friendship first. No one likes to be approached by a pitch. Just like online no one likes a link being spammed in their email, or when you’re on social media. This is the same when you are first talking to someone for the first time. Thank of it as a series of meetings. Make friends first and work on your relationship.

Second law of large numbers. You need to recruit more than 2 people in your business. You need to recruit more than 50 in your business if you want real success in this business. To recruit a large number of people you need to sort through large lists of prospects. No one can call 50 of their friends and have all 50 friends join their business. The average people will sponsor about 1 out of 15 prospects.

Third is the law of large Number of people: Using large groups in home, hotel or my best way for large groups in webinars. When you have a large group you have an energy that one on one will never have. The energy from others and most of the time the ones that are on the fence will be fill this energy in large groups and be caught up.

Fourth law is major burst of energy. Build your business with major burst of energy. You can not go 18 hours day every day all of the time. No one can not maintain that level. You will get burnt out and fast. You need to rest. Building your business fast rather than slow is the best way to go. Trying to build over a long time will not get the job done. Trying to sponsor 2 people a month every month is not good enough. You want to use burst of energy and sponsor 10 people in one month and then recharge the next week and burst the following week and sponsor 10 more. It is much easier to recruit when you are on top of you’re game than when you are wore out and tired.

Law of leadership: people will follow leaders. Having a game plan to follow. Mapping out your entire plan of action so you know exactly how and where you will be in your business building is key here. When I started to use a game plan of how I was going to recruit, how I was going to market, how I was going to close and how the signup process would go. I mapped out the entire process. It took some time and effort to get there. It took some trials and errors to perfect that process. Having your game plan in place and being able to share this game plan with your team makes you a leader that others want to follow.

When you get someone to see a presentation, always try to get people in an environment that they can see the whole story at the same time and when the time for the closing.

In your presentation closing you want to give everyone choices as a call to action. Say something like: You have two choices now. First choice is you keep doing what you are currently doing and continue your life as you know it today. You get up at 8:00 and go to work and trade your time for money. Now image where you will be in the next 5 years? Now there is the second option we are offering you a better option. Join us and our team and change your life for the better. We offer everyone the same opportunity to own their own futures and have your blue print plan for your success.

When you are closing a prospect and sponsor them in your business. In many cases you will have to close them. This is after they have seen the presentation. To close you need ask questions. Question are; “what did you like about what you saw?” Wait for their response and when they answer ask more about what they like and complement their thoughts. Here is where many people fail. They ask something like are your ready to sign up? The is not the time to ask questions. You want to give them direction and a call to action. Say this: “It sounds like you ready to get started”. Do not say are you ready to get started tell them they are ready to get started. When they respond yes. Then walk them though the sign up process and setup their follow up.

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