Spain local time yesterday

When the fans retreated to the yellow line outside the site True Religion jeans , only I remain in the window before Inzaghi, waving to him through the gap to try to indicate Peabody pulled out of the window curtains to let him look at the blessing of his fans. Contrary to all the accidents, Inzaghi did so – he pulled the curtains half, and then start the camera smiling. In the occasion of the train started, Inzaghi with his signature smile back most fans, waving to the fans frequently, this simple hint to reveal his mixed feelings. Perhaps he will start in the Rossoneri’s countdown of the road, and Milan fans are nothing but look forward to the legendary striker to stay at the San Siro his home.
Spain local time yesterday, Real Madrid in a video posted on the official website, while also stressed that the Real Madrid player Pepe has been unfairly treated, the German referee called Stark a similar foul to use in the treatment of two different scale.

The way it is, in the end a few days ago a European pre-playoff game, the team played in the Portuguese team of Real Madrid defender Pepe Bosnia-Herzegovina, he was the other players in the game Luli Qi from the side kick. However, despite Luli Qi foul play is very bad, it can be when the referee failed to Luli Qi Stark red card, yellow card or even none out.

Real Madrid officials are angry that the same is similar to the foul, Pepe has become targeted by Stark. On 27 April last year, the first leg of the Champions League semi-final play against Real Madrid and Barcelona Zuozhen home, Pepe had to fly with their feet kicking in the game right back Daniel Alves Barcelona True Religion mens jeans , ??when the value of the referee Stark after seeing this scene is not the slightest hesitation Pepe will make a direct red card penalty.

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