Sony Vaio EC Notebook – An Honest Look at its Good and Bad Features

Anyone interested in a portable notebook? The Sony Vaio EC Notebook has many features that may make it a very plausible choice. Sony, a very reputable company with decades of experience, has released this cost effective notebook on the market as of late. The components on this particular notebook are very elaborate, some of which are usually only found on more expensive laptops. In the paragraphs to come, we will present many reasons that the Vaio EC is a computer that has great potential and practicality.

The Vaio EC Notebook is a solid notebook computer with a simple design. Although this notebook comes in only two different colors, they are very fashionable and will suit most personalities. In a way, the Vaio EC has a design that could almost be considered retro, considering the preference many people now have for smaller and shinier devices. Useful for typing documents and surfing the web with a much larger screen, this product will provide a nice merger between modern units such as the iPad which do not have keyboard capability. Combining speed and portability, this notebook will serve anyone that is on the go that needs the capabilities of a desktop computer.

The 17.3″ liquid crystal display on the Vaio EC Notebook is more than sufficient for whatever use you want to put your computer to. You can use it with any of your applications, for social media such as Twitter, and for playing Rift: Planes of Telara. The images and colors are quite clear and vivid, so this computer is good for viewing graphics, playing games or watching videos. You won’t have a problem opening several programs simultaneously because the 17.3″ width of this monitor gives you plenty of space. Two features that are really great about the Vaio EC Notebook that you won’t find in smaller versions are it’s portability from room to room in your home and the fact that it has the power to handle numerous programs simultaneously, like a conventional desktop PC.

If there is one thing that is wrong with the Sony Vaio EC Notebook, it is how long the battery will last with one charge. The average charge will give you about three hours of use which is normal for this type of computer. If this type of lifespan for the battery is not acceptable, you will have to choose a computer that is smaller in size. Almost every laptop comes with an AC adapter which is very useful if your battery runs out of juice and you need to plug it in. Or you can purchase a battery extender. Of course, many people like notebook computers because they can be used without any wires, so you may still find the relatively short battery life a limitation. If you are looking for a good-sized portable computer, then the Vaio EC Notebook is definitely for you. Not everyone likes the design, and the battery life isn’t very impressive, but this is typical with notebooks of this size and capability. Combined with portability and a relatively large size, the Vaio EC Notebook is definitely a good choice if you are looking for an alternative to a desktop computer.

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