Some Notes for Purchasing a Swiss watch

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Swiss watch is a kind of high-density timing instrument with expensive price, and people who go to purchase Swiss watch just want to choose one from good watches and find a well-content watch finally. In fact, there are some notes for people to purchase a Swiss Watch.
First, check external components of the Swiss watch. The watch case should not have any air shots and obvious scratches and all edges and corners should be symmetrical. The watch mirror should be transparent and bright without any flaws and scratches, and three hands should be installed correctly and the hands watch mirror and dial plate should have right safety gaps.
Second, check the sensitivity of the Swiss watch. You could shake the watch which has stopped working without being wound up slightly and observe the working condition of the second hand depending on shaking power. If the second hand stopped working in a short time, it means that this watch has high sensitivity and could finish all its ways after being wound up.
Third, check the gaps and locations of hands. Hands and the watch mirror, dial plate should keep a certain distance, or they could collide with each other and influence the normal work of the watch. You could check and observe this by dialing hands. When you dial the minute hand and the hour hand to three o’clock and nine o’clock separately, you could observe whether two hands are at right angles; when you dial two hands to six o’clock, you could observe whether they are on a line; when you dial them to twelve o’clock, you could observe whether they coincide.
Fourth, check the winding mechanism. The winding mechanism of a normal watch should be loose right and gets tighter and tighter when you are winding up. If it has abnormal noises when you are winding up, it means that there is something wrong with the winding mechanism.
In a word, when we are buying a Swiss watch, we must bear these notes on mind, and then we could purchase an ideal one.

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