Some News about Diablo 3

A player said something does not appear what he spend two billions to buy, customer service representatives Araxom responded that it just depends on server traffic to cause delays. If delays occur, you can report customer service to ask them to help you to solve.


What is this rhythm? Is the server card bad?


Actually, it depends on the prevailing flow, which may lead to transaction to be delayed. As previously described in a post, sometimes you need to time to complete the process to but the things in the auction. Personally, I recommend you can wait for a long time. If it still does not appear, you can put the detailed auction information (item name, area), and the transaction number issued to the water! Thank you!


All the time, lack of separate trading window digit symbol problem of the auction houses is plaguing some players. Due to lack of effective sub-bit display, trade or auction hang hit a few rows 0 tragedy occurred from time to time. There are players on the auction house missing comma-bit problem gives a “solution.”


Let elite material falling around 50%. Players can not be traded or lost the auction. Of course, the account must be bound to encourage everyone to play.


Ha! Rare and elusive comma!


We agree that the lack of a comma on the player trading and auction houses are not a good thing, which may lead to the players to bring some very good experience, but this is the meaning we want to change the range. We have some concrete plans to change, but have not decided when to be implemented. Therefore, it would be and auction houses as well as items associated with the change, please stay tuned!


Local co-op does add a lot of fun for the game, while also provides a very different experience for, but you might be interested in the game to take direct direction to control. I think some players will find this very charming handle control experience, because “Diablo 3″ Host Edition provides a very different gaming experience, in addition to the content exactly the same.


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