Some Knowledge about the Milk

Milk is the best nutrition.


At first, let us look at what is the nutritional value of milk. Milk is a kind of food which has a complete nutritional ingredient, appropriate composition ratio, good digestion and absorption and high nutritional value. It offers a wealth of high quality protein, calcium, vitamin A, riboflavin and other nutrients, which can slow fatigue and improve work efficiency, which is the excellent nutritious food to maintain physical and mental activity.


Because of white-collar workers work tensely and have irregular diet, so they easy to cause dietary micronutrient deficiencies due to the diet structure imbalances. In particular, some white-collar women in order to create a beautiful body tend to adopt a diet and other means, but this behavior impact on health seriously. Therefore, more white-collar workers need to increase quality protein, vitamins and minerals to balance the diet. The nutritional value of milk could meet the needs of white-collar well.  Many countries pointed out in the Dietary Guidelines white-collar should consume moderate milk and dairy products.


Milk ≠ dangerous goods


The so-called “milk harmful” are standing in the West economically developed societies this background. Because of the excessive animal food intake and serious chronic disease, this theory was proposed. They ignore that China is in transition period, so the over nutrition and insufficient nutrition is not exist. It should be noted that any excess food is harmful; it is one-sided that we just put a signal food to label the dangerous food. It should be based on the nutritional status of our country to face the Chinese dairy food consumption, which is still very low this reality. If we exaggerate the danger of animal food and negate the animal food, especially milk, eggs, poultry and fish and shrimp and other nutrients reasonable food, it will inevitably increase of malnutrition to lack of certain nutrients causing danger. Therefore is very harmful


Reasonable diet and science nutritional match is the guarantee of health, but also is the premise to improve efficiency and enhance competitiveness. Our nutrition experts believe that we could not consume excessive any food, but should follow the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents to create a variety of food and a reasonable diet environment.


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