Some Incredible Things Can Cause Allergies Too

Core Tip: In life, everyone knows that the food can cause allergies, medicines can cause allergies, pets can cause allergies, and pollen can cause allergies and so on. However, expect for this, some incredible things can cause allergies too.


Computer radiation can cause allergies

Computer risks of human health include produced and emitted electromagnetic radiation, optical radiation and other radiation “contamination.” There are two aspects of computer dermatology to be distinguished. On the one hand, it is the computer radiation index is exceeded, which stimulate the skin of computer to cause t users to suffer from radiation dermatitis. This skin disease is more stubborn and intractable. One the other hand, people are allergic to light. The computer screen has the light radiation effect. When people faced it, it seems to take a sunbathing. People who are light-sensitive people use computers for a long time, they will be allergies, or because the immune dysfunction, plus edible seaweed, spinach, coriander and other light-sensitive foods, and thus the computer optical radiation sensitive.


Monitor will make your allergies.


Under the boot state, the screen of computer will form an electrostatic field around in, and the electrostatic field will absorb the levels of suspended dust. If people sit in this environment, some people’s facial skin is prone to allergies to result in rashes and so on.


Sea breeze also make you allergy.


Some people are allergy to the sea breeze. In fact, they are allergic to the sea salt. Experts pointed out that because the sea air contains relatively high salt, the salt will be inhaled directly into the trachea. It is like that the people eat more salt. Some people will cough after eating a lot of salt. For a long time, it will convert into allergic asthma.


You should pay attention to the ripening mango allergies.


Mango contains histamine substances, which is the source of allergic people. If it is ripening mango, it is easy to stimulate the mouth and digestive tract mucosa to more likely to cause allergies. People can found mango listed earlier and earlier now. A lot of ripe mango is only not completely mature, but they were quickly transported to the north. There are two methods to ripening—lime and ripening agents. Both of which methods are easy to create “allergic mango.”


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