Some Foods You Should Not Eat After Drinking Milk

Core Tip: Milk is food which has high nutritional value, and it is the preferred tonic for pregnant mother. Drinking milk also should rule the scientist method, and there are four kinds of food, but is the milk’s nemesis.



After drinking milk, you should not eat oranges immediately and at least in an hour you can not immediately eat oranges. Because of the protein in milk and acid in orange once met, it will solid as soon as possible, thus affecting the digestion and absorption of milk. Expect for orange, after drinking of milk in one hour, you should not be consumed immediately any acidic food. The main reason to drink milk is not supply nutritional materials, but if you casually mach with any foods, it will only brings harms to the human body.



Many people like to mix the juice and milk together to drink, so that it can add a new taste and nutrition. But experts say that if you add an excess of juice in milk, it will mass and precipitate with a lot of casein, and thereby causes the body is difficult to digest and absorb. If the condition becomes worst, there may be cause indigestion and diarrhea and so on, so you should not add excessive fruit juice and other acidic drinks in the milk.



Do not add extra sugar when you are drinking milk, especially in the case of the milk is still hot to add sugar; it will make lysine in milk and fructose reaction of fructose lysine toxic and harmful the human body. Even if you want to add sugar, you should not carry in the heating process, you may wish to wait until the milk cooler cooked more, this sugar will not affect human health.



A lot of people are very fond of chocolate milk, but did you know that it is very wrong way. Milk is rich in protein and calcium, while chocolate contains oxalic acid. if the two kinds of food mix together to eat, they would combine to form insoluble calcium oxalate, which greatly affect the absorption of calcium, and even have dry hair, diarrhea, slow growth and other phenomena .


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