Some Food Cannot Be Eaten By the Wine

Although insobriety is harmful to human body, as a modern, you are in the workplace, or are idle at home; you are inevitably influenced by the Chinese wine culture. General speaking, when guests visit our house, we usually used the wine to entertain. If we engage in social activities, we have no necessaries to drink a large of wine. However, when the wine was drunk into the stomach, a dish is necessary too. But some foods could not be eaten by the wine.  Here, we take a look at which vegetables are not edible drinking.



In winter, a lot of people like to have the food stalls with friends and family members. It is a really enjoy thing to drinking while eating barbecue. However, drinking with grilled foods is bad for your health.

In particular, the onset of winter, in order to withstand the cold, people will buy some barbecues when they walked on the streets, even they will eat a cup of wine. It is not only very delicious, but also is very enjoyment. In fact, this is very damaging to the health, we must pay attention to.

preserved foods
Smoked and preserved foods.

They contain the nitrosamines and more pigment, which will take reaction with the alcohol. It not only hurt the liver, but also damages the mouth, esophagus and stomach mucosa, even will induce cancer.


Under the effects liver enzyme, the carotene and alcohol will generate toxic substances, which is hazardous to health.

panna cotta

People will add some alum into the productive process, and alum has the effect to slow gastrointestinal motility. The wine in the jelly will lengthen the residence time of the alcohol to stay in the gastrointestinal, thus increasing the body’s absorption of alcohol, as well as an increase of alcohol on gastrointestinal irritation, slowing blood flow velocity and prolong the residence time of the alcohol in the blood, at the end promotes drunkenness and health hazards.

Tips: The above has been introduced to the food and wine of the food which cannot be eaten by some food, we must pay attention. Do not walk with your feeling, even excessive eating without restraint! The diet must be considered health factors. As a modern man, you should have a quality life.

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