some details about PCI Serial Port Drivers

Have you installed Windows seven and lacking some of your PCI Serial Port Drivers? Well i also encountered this issue. Allow me Enlighten you a bit on my situation and just how i solved my PCI serial port driver problem for my tablet.

So recently i bought myself a Lenovo X200 (Thinkpad) Tablet. This isn’t a poor tablet, i feel its even greater compared to iPad. Once i utilised the iPad i had to buy another app to write on the display but this 1 you dont and its also received a PCI Serial Port on it.

I had a small malfunction with my hard drive and my PCI serial port drivers stopped operating. after a full reformat with the HDD I re-installed Windows Operating Program back onto the methods disk. Nonetheless shortly following performing this some of my units were nonetheless not acknowledged. Such as my PCI Serial Port Drivers.

It had been actually these specific drivers to be precise:

PCI Serial Port
PCI Straightforward Communication Controller

So i had to do a bit of guide labour and hit the Windows lookup for PCI serial port drivers button. It took an although but i slowly acquired all my drivers installed. below i’ve attached a video of what the tablet i had appeared like.

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