Some Chinese bronze

Marked the beginning of Chinese bronze mirrors from the stage to the development period, peak period, then in decline, prosperity, recession, the development of saddle-shaped curve, which is representative of the Warring States period mirror, mirror, and Han Sui mirror. As a totem, the bronze sculpture is a natural image and more is animal image. These stages or in the casting is technically innovative, the shape or type of decoration on the unique way the content and performance characteristics. The total production is characterized by large, beautifully cast, style, constantly updated and lively.

Bronze culture was dying in the context of the production and use of bronze mirrors have shown a scene of prosperity, not just objective extend the life of China’s bronze culture, and bronze mirrors and the world cultural comparison, also has very strong and unique cultural implication. Hence, they worshipped and adored the bronze sculpture with incomparable piety. Therefore, the Japanese scholar Mei original end of treatment in the ancient mirror takes to say, said: with copper as the main component of metal mirror produced in the Near East, Southern Europe and other ancient cultural circles Asian countries have been in existence. The dragon patterns, kui dragon patterns, phoenix patterns and cicada patterns of china bronze sculpture are some of the proof. But East Asia with China as the center of the bronze mirror, its shape and material of the well, casting delicate, almost shoulder to shoulder not the former; Ding Yi device with the so-called container, is known to the world of ancient China to boast an arts and crafts, which is the obvious fact. Warring States bronze mirrors the development of the cultural background.

Development to the Warring States bronze mirror, casting only from the geographical point of view has far exceeded any previous period. Since the late Western Zhou Dynasty, when the system is almost ritual Disintegration, Wei Ling Yi, while princes are keen to engage in power politics between the Warring Qin policy called The Emperor to the princes, the world Mogan not listen. The progress of the Chinese bronze sculpture has underwent the Xia, Shang and Zhou. This situation to the late Spring and Autumn, with the Southern Miss, Vietnam and other countries grow, the more intense the struggle for hegemony Central Plains. Striving to become dominant, the first condition is to enhance its own strength, so that countries have also conducted a number of political and economic reforms. Lu on the farm, recorded Fanmin from seven feet or more, are all three officers.

Farming millet attack, attack devices work, Jia attack cargo. Result of the reform, so that the vassal state of the national strength has increased to varying degrees, but also to promote social progress. The style of china sculpture in bronze runs from the dignified and solemn art to simple, concise and crisp style. This progress is mainly in the handicraft industry and commercial aspects, and then bronze mirror and cultural development, but also thanks to these two aspects. From handicraft, first of all, Bronze casting is no longer the royal patent, Ye Tong and bronze range has seen unprecedented expansion. Well now Inner Mongolia, Hubei Tonglushan, Hunan nine Bay, red wood Anhui, Shanxi Houma, Luoyang, Henan and other places have found Xinzheng large Yetong site.

That analysis, the output should be finished bronze was a lot, which has been on modern archaeological evidence. Second, quantitative caused a qualitative change, mainly for the bronze casting process has been a qualitative leap. Meanwhile, the social function of the bronze sculpture also evolves from the sacrificial vessels to the practical apparatus by degrees. In the handicraft industry, driven by growing the vassal state of the business development, to break the food business system constraints, there were many merchant. The decoration on the chinese bronze sculpture proceeds from the majestic taotie, kui pattern to metical qiequ pattern. The blue mid-Warring States bronze greatly increased the number of mirror, bronze mirror makes it possible commercialization. Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Guangdong and Guangxi areas or other places, have unearthed a few of the Central Plains region had the same style of blue bronze mirrors, bronze circles, as traders note the flow and expansion, which is the political power can not reach. Warring States bronze mirror the characteristics of. Overall, the sophisticated appearance, workmanship are bronze mirrors the highlights of the Warring States Period features.

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