Solar water heater construction | assemble one in your home

Recently, the Beijing and Shanghai, built several Solar House, Ecological Building, low Energy consumption House and new energy building. These buildings in the popularity of green Building The idea to promote a new energy-saving green building concept. At the same time, it also highlights a problem: renewable energy, how to achieve with the building the perfect co-operation ? Reporter found that in all of renewable energy in Solar Energy Is looking forward to embrace and architecture of.Start from the architect Huang Ming Ming Huang, president of solar energy has always been a dream, that is, the whole building Hot water system A unified design for Solar water heaters And building unity, to achieve a floor, only one water heater. It is understood that the Ministry of Construction is vigorously promoting the design of building structures to add solar energy technology, not only considering solar power, solar thermal applications, also consider the optoelectronic applications, is to make both the supply of solar hot water, also issued a green electricity. Huang Ming believes that solar energy products manufacturer, should take this opportunity to work in three directions, one advantage of the current split solar water heater technology, design solar vacuum tubes as components of the roof and external walls, for hot water supply Second, the solar energy PV Panels designed to windows and wall building materials, to provide electricity andIllumination Third, production of solar collectors based insulation boardHeating System. In some model building, these technologies have been a good application.The Expert Estimated that by 2015, gas,Water Heater Solar water heaters will be replaced, a market leading role. Reporter noted,Solar cells Board in some Building materials market Start Sell, Solar lights have been installed in some streets and residential applications, split solar water heater will also become the leading products, solar energy materials trend is clear. Secretary-General Meng Xiangan Chinese Solar Energy Society, said: However, architects do not take into account the power of solar energy and domestic solar few people design buildings. To this end, we in cooperation with the relevant architectural design, launched the ‘Solar Building Design Competition’. The results will be in October in Shanghai at the World Conference on Photovoltaic announced. currently the author of overwhelming competition, we hope to take this opportunity to start from the architect vigorously promote the popularization of the concept of solar buildings. Solar industry faces turn Chinese Solar Energy Society’s experts believe that 2005 could be a turning point in China’s solar energy industry. Wong Ming solar energy, clean Huayang Light, Beijing, Temple of solar energy technologies such as high levels of manufacturing companies, is stepping up product development. At present, the hot spiral Glass Vacuum tubes, two-plus glass vacuum large pipe , split water heater, solar panel glass temperature , intelligent control water heater Panel And the launch of green lighting and other concepts of promotion, all that solar energy companies in particular want our buildings carved out a territory. Vice chairman of the Chinese Solar Energy Society, said Zhao Yuwen, watch the process of development from the developed countries, solar energy, solar energy industry’s continued progress depends on four areas: technology cost reduction and the use of quality improvement consumers on climate change and environment of care energy transmission system to recognize the changes and restructuring the power industry the government’s macro energy policy continue to improve and optimize. Temple Solar Group General Manager Cheng Cuiying that energy will stimulate the growing tensionsSolar Industry Development, but the potential to play must be formed in the community save energy and protect the overall atmosphere of the environment policy to support and work together major manufacturers, consumers should respond positively in order to push China’s solar industry Health The fast lane

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